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Winter Wonder Wheelies

(6 August 2023)

Sometimes you have nothing to do and then you do nothing; but you don’t really do something any time if you’re busy doing nothing sometimes.

But if you do everything all the time, you also don’t get to do anything when you have time. Cause doing all the things all the time, don’t give you time to do the important things sometimes.

We have had no time to go do silly stunts on our bikes. So, we made time!

We invited anyone that had time to come spend some time with us at Black Rock.

Miraculously there were quite a few people that had a lot of time. But not having had spent much time practicing spending time on the back wheel, I felt like time was against me.

So, I had to manage my time early morning to get in a few practice sessions.

It was not the right time yet, and I had a few ‘moments’…

Luckily, Nico Hesselman made time to come help me, and he took some time to give me a few tips and tricks.

I’m past the prime of my life as time does not stand still and neither does my wheelies. I should value the time I get to spend on Billy-Bob-The-Blue-Bike.

Cause there comes a time when you realize that the time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.

All we must decide is what to do with the time that is given to us, cause time flies.

Aside from velcro, time is the most mysterious substance in the universe. You can’t see it or touch it, yet a plumber can charge you upwards of seventy-five dollars per hour for it, without necessarily fixing anything.

*Dave Barry*

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Two girls show a bunch of men how to wheelie... cause it's Woman's Day! EVERY DAY IS WOMAN'S DAY!!!

Video produced by Jolandi Mentz (6 Aug 2023)


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