Who is Skinny

I am just a girl that ended up on a tank full of gas mounted on two wheels. 


I’ve been riding for over 17 years & have done almost every facet of biking.  I’ve raced in the ladies regional class (2010), raced in the GOC (2012) & have attended almost every rally in SA ever hosted.


I even stunt my well known bike – Billy-Bob (Yamaha R6).  But what I’m best known for is my biking adventures that take me all around the world on crazy, epic, unforgettable trips.  I write a monthly newsletter chronicling my exploits, which has 30,000+ subscribers. 


Don’t follow me – you won’t make it!

 Who is Billy-Bob

Billy Bob.jpeg

A Yamaha R6 (2004) – the first bike I ever owned.


It was love at first sight and his full name is Billy-Bob-The-Blue-Bike.  He has proved his gentle nature over the years. 


He is the most forgiving bike and allows any rider to enjoy his seat.  He has accompanied me on most SA rallies and taught me everything I know about track riding. He has helped other chickens to dare their strength at the 600cc regional racing and currently he gallops through the cosmos with me… on his back wheel. 


The ever willing steed by my side.

 Who is Brom

A Suzuki DR650 (2010) – a pony with a big heart. 


I give my bikes ‘horse’ related names, and Brom got his name after someone asked me what my new ‘bromponie’ was (scooter).  He is a lightweight champ that can jump hot water geysers like a show horse. 


He is the main stallion I take on my many off-road adventures.  And even though he might not be the most handsome – he is steadfast and reliable.

A Suzuki BX120 Super Star (+/- 1980) – the new donkey to the stable. 


Don Quixote’s side-kick Sancho had a donkey called Dapple, and even though Don and his steed thought of themselves as chivalrous knights, Sancho and Dapple were just ordinary labourers.  I’ve only had him for a short while, but he starts on the first kick and he has already won his first race at the StofSkop flat track event (2016). 


He's just being what he is, and what he is isn't too bad.

 Who is Gallop

 Who is Dapple

A Suzuki DR650 (2010) – another one… 


If you like a bike – get it in every colour!  When I got Gallop he had a lot of work done to get him sticking to the road.  I got half of him fixed, but the front half likes leaping through the air.


Though we started off on a rough road, we have gotten used to each other over the last two years.  He had escorted me on most of my adventures up North (Limpopo and the Cape).  He might have mood swings, but with character comes entertainment.


 Who else was there



KTM950 Adventure (2006)



Yamaha R6 (2006)



Big Boy XTG200 (2012)



Triumph 900 Scrambler (2006)



Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled (2017)