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Biker's Warehouse Ladies Day

(10 August 2020)

Biker’s Warehouse and Morag Campbell went to some trouble to pamper a lucky group of lady riders for Women’s Day, taking them out on a gravel loop around Johannesburg.  Morag was the first South African female to compete in a...

Tjannel Tjainas

(19 July 2020)

As much as it doesn’t give us much to write about, at least we still get to do short routes around the block.

The well-known Brits channels is a day’s comfortable riding on tolerable dirt roads, with mediocre views, and lackluster skies.



(Things we've done around Mooinooi, North-West, during the past year, 2019 - 2020)

Sometimes a pestilence comes and ruins your whole day… sometimes the whole month!  Sometimes it breaks your spirit, but sometimes it just paints your soul in all sorts of funn...

Tank Girls vs. Lockdown

(Starting 27 March 2020 and feeling like it's never gonna end)

I can give you all the copied texts about the Corona virus, and stats about the numbers, and even pictures about the consequences; but I won’t…  Check your social media platforms for a...

To the unknown - TO VLAKPAN

(7 - 8 March 2020)

Let’s kick this adventure off…

When you have a weekend free, when you have money left from pay-day, when you have two bikes with running engines – you’ve gotta go somewhere!  But where?

We printed a map of anything north from...

27 Feb 2020

The Skin(ny)less Newsletter

(2 February 2020)

They say it’s better without the Skin(ny).  Healthier.  Cleaner.  We tested it out in this newsletter.  This is how it all started:

Chikita(C): How’s it?

The Hollander (H): Good, and you?



(Dots meaning lots of n...

AntiPants - AntiPoaching

(19 January 2020)


It amazes us how many people are eager to stop wildlife poaching in South Africa.  They drum together in hoards to protest and collect money for conservation.  It also amazes us how we can convince ourselves th...


Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society

(15 December 2019)

Once a year we spoil the furry-orphans of Harties with food and cuddles.

Most bikers are hairy; smell a bit niff under layers of protective gear; and don’t mind a bit of gas…

We also have soft souls; and I’ve seen...

TREIN-ing For Summer

(6 - 12 November 2019)

DAY 1 and 2 – Johannesburg to Cape Town

Summer holidays… days of sweaty bodies, skimpy bikinis and dripping ice-creams

Everybody wants to get into shape, physically, emotionally and mentally – but mostly PHYSICALLY!  The bod, the...

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

(29 September 2019)


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage style motorcycle riders all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health...

StofSkop Flat Track Racing

(7 September 2019)

StofSkop is in its FOURTH year.  Yeah – we’ve been digging dust for FOUR years already and it just keeps on getting better.

The StofSkop event is a social flat track race held once a year at the Randfontein Oval...


(23 - 25 August 2019)

The 2020’s is an interesting time.  According to the movies in the 80’s, we would have at least each owned a hover board by now.  Aliens would be our neighbours (in peace or in pieces), and eating would have become a lot less culinary.


Spaarwater Panewales

(20 July 2019)

First the temperature drops, then the tequila price drops!  But boy, when that 2-stroke BEAT drops…!

We picked the coldest day of Winter 2019 to upload, unload, reload (and much later, offload) three perfectly ride-able bikes.  Pleased...

Frozen Ass Run 2019

(21 - 23 June 2019)

A drove of lady bikers decided to go down to Van Reenen on the shortest (or as close to it as possible) day of the year.  They would all meet up in Pretoria and ride down on the Saturday.  But being the Tank Girls, we do...

South Coast Bike Fest

(26 - 28 April 2019)

I do not see myself as a stunter.  The rest of the world disagrees…

So, I got roped in again to stunt down in Margate at the 2019 SCBF.

It’s an 11-hour drive from home, and myself, Chikita and Irma sang campfire singalon...

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People always talk

“She is one smart chickie, lightly marinated in Tequila.” - Brie Bencini-Cadman

“If I were to concoct an alter ego of myself who is an infinitely funnier, smarter & larger than life figure than I could ever hope to be, it would probably look a lot like Skinny! I love how effortlessly she can make people laugh. And how she takes the time to document her adventures & send them out into the world every month.” - Rashmi Tambe

“Skinny you are amazing - a raconteur, an adventurer, & an idol.  I'm just a humble motorbike dispatch rider (courier in simple terms) with my bum on the brom eight hours a day, every day.  Your stories inspire me.” - Rob Hill

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