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TG Newsletter: PUG RESCUE RUN (2023)

Pug Rescue Run

(9 December 2023)

It was December.  It was the month of giving gifts.  It was the month we spoil the pugs!


Once again, we called on the bikers in Gauteng to start their cc’s and join us on a run to Pug Rescue South Africa to donate money, time and love.  We are normally a small crowd of around five or six…  We better start counting past 10!  This year we will round it down to 28 bikes; excluding all the supporters in cars and those catching a pillion seat.


We gathered at Platō Coffee in Irene.  Even though most people did not know one another, there was already a camaraderie; a knowing nod here and there, an energy of pet loving hovered over the freshly brewed cups of mocha.

We took the fast back-straight to Benoni, as we were carrying some precious cargo!  Husky with gravy, paper rolls, mops, brooms, soap, garbage bags, wet wipes and some treats.

There’s a whole story about Pug Rescue’s beginnings, their struggles, their achievements, but… go visit them and find out for yourself.  We’ll rather give you some of the 2023 PUG statistics, and show you the chuckling, jubilant, delighted, spectacular time we had for a few hours with the pugs.


Riding into Pug Rescue, we thought we were absolutely ready for the pack of snoots that would attack us.  Boy, did we underestimate the power of pugs!  We got affectionately licked to death, we were hypnotized by pure, bulging pug love, we contracted serious cuddling injuries, we were poisoned by an intoxicating release of pug breath!

First up was a walk-a-pug-athon.

It’s not nearly as far as a marathon, but barely 20m into the walk they start begging to be carried.  Cradling a 20-kilo roundish object with smooth hair and curly skin starts feeling like a Wally… a Wally Hayward!

Our Kawasaki-loving green-blooded Nigel Laing was given a pug, incidentally with a green leash (these caretakers notice the smallest details).  The message we received from Nigel after the run:


"To Oliver the pug he took for a walkies,


My grunting pug, thanks for sharing your time with me.  I enjoyed our time together, little buddy.  You deserve a great master and I hope you can make someone happy as you made me."

Darnit – even Kawasaki riders have big hearts <3


Cheryl took us on a quick tour of the premises as they also had their yearly Christmas function that same day.  This lady has two brains, four hearts and eight hands.  We’re not even mentioning her balls!!!

A few people were looking forward to finally meeting the supugstar – PICKLE, a dwarf pug!

It was a hot day and we asked Max if he would join us in the pool for noodles.  We all dived right in without consideration to pool safety, lifeguard duties, or inflatable vlerkies.

And as per canine regulations, we entertained the people with an impromptu wet-dog-shake.  Max did it better than us…

Where do you go if you don’t like pugs?



There is a whole section just for the elderly-but-still-very-much-energetic pugs.


(Note to self: Grow old like a pug – live to the very end)

Competition 1!

Who could cover themselves in the most dog hair?


Everyone tried, they tried hugging, they tried rubbing, some even picked up a dog and wiped him all over their bodies.


The two frontrunners were Zanda and Irma.  They were noticeably more experienced in this race.  Both of them came prepared dressed in ALL BLACK.  I think they might have had treats hidden in their pockets.  Closing in on the final seconds… Irma took the podium by a hair’s breadth!

What did the pugs see all day long?

Competition 2!

Skinny being the only entrant for the most continual pug smooches in under 5 minutes.

Did you know that a pug’s tongue can reach the far deep corner of your left sinus chamber?

In the revamped 4-door ‘recoup’ garage, fitted out with small enclosures and extra soft beds for the sick, the hospitalized and the immobile, we found a few Nightingales tending to the overactive, overexcited, overlovable ramshackle pooches.  That mutterly instinct…

When you…


When you ask a pug to pull your finger… guess who farts!

When Crispy tells you, she doesn’t have landscape on her new cell phone…

When you play hide-&-seek with pugs… you always let them win!

Competition 3!

A leopard crawls.  A pug traipses…


Over a stretch of 7 meters you had to leopard crawl to the other side, but(t) kiss every pug that crosses your path, be it on the front kolletjie OR the back kolletjie.  Waaaay more daring than you could ever imagine!

Skinny, Chikita, Irma and Johan smeared a dollop of lip-ice, rolled up their pants and took a shot of tequila.  On your ready, steady, MARK!

Flopping down to our knees, the pugs started bouncing around re-enacting what was either the Battle of Gettysburg or an episode of the Kardashians.

I think we had four unanimous losers…

They say dogs and owners after a length of time, start looking alike.  Pugs don’t change…

We retreated to the picnic area with beer and snacks and giggles and memories.

Roman and Nigel entered into a paw-wrestling competition.  With flexing biceps and elbows firmly planted on the table, they soon realized that they needed to replenish their liquid intake.  There were two arms NOT busy wrestling, assistance was on-hand, literally!


Number of Rescues in Pug Rescue South Africa’s care


Number rescued this year


Number of adoptions


Food purchased in 2023

R406 940-00

Vet bills

R546 322-00

Number of fundraising activities


Revenue from the second hand bookshop

R102 632-00

Revenue from the jumble sale yard

R296 281-00

Thanda Inja project animals sterilized


Thanda Inja project animals treated


Thanda Inja project animals vaccinated


During this year Pug Rescue also registered their new property adjacent to the current plot.  Lots of development still waiting to happen.  But with the C and the M (Cheryl and Malcolm) – you can hold your breath!

Best of all is that they now have a SAVC registered clinic on the property.  The clinic is NOT open to the public as this is to help the 206 pugs currently in their care, and also to assist no/low income families/organizations.

The loaded table with all the goodies donated by the bikers were topped by a cherry-on-top-cheque worth R6kay donated by:


Paw Print Pet Cremation

What would it be like if pugs ruled the world?


There would be lots of love, kibble, a deworming tablet every six months.  Baths would be optional, all body shapes would be accepted and petting would be a decent word.  We all would be a whole shipload braver, we would find out how much more of this world is edible and everybody would be a ‘Good Boy’!

You know what it would be like if Cheryl and Malcolm ruled the world?!?!?!?




There were barks, there were yelps, there were smooches, there were hair covered bodies. There were also pugs...! Bikers supporting Pug Rescue, cause our hearts are fluffy!

Video produced by Jolandi Mentz (9 Dec 2023)



Sponsored by Daniel Mulder Distributors (DMD)

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