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The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

(19 May 2024)

Twelve years of dressing dapper, leaving a trail of blue smoke through Johannesburg’s already foggy sky, and supporting men’s health – it was the DGR 2024!

In support of men all over the world, this event calls people together riding classic motorcycles, dressing old skool and raising funds for prostate cancer research (and all-round men’s health).

Johannesburg had 457 registered riders (though there were quite a few extra gentle folks at the start of the event) and they raised $17 031 USD!

As for the whole of this globe we call Earth; there were…

113 777 riders

959 cities

105 countries

And they raised $7.6mil USD!

Skinny and Booga dusted off the rusty little ones at home, checked their spark plugs, wiped a headlight and topped up the 2stroke juice.  Dapper (Suzuki BX120 Super Star) and Bubblegum (Kawasaki KH110 GTO) was ready for a classy time.

However, halfway through the procession, Dapple ran out of breath.  We kicked and kicked, begged, pleaded and swore under our breaths but Dapple’s thump was out.  Booga suggested we closed all the taps and just waited for the bike to maybe clear his mind.

We were about to give up, when the support crew stopped behind us and got ready to lift Dapple onto the trailer when Booga said he would give one more kick.  And as Dunlop would have it, Dapple pushed out his hairless little chest and was ready to catch up to the mass again.

Not sure on which roads to take, the cops were all waiving us in the right direction and tapping their watches.  Thin little wheels, smart shoes peddling on the steep inclines and lots of moral support from the bystanders, we made it to the end venue, Prison Break Market.



Byron Munday

(Royal Enfield Squadron Blue)

Very limited edition made by RE in commemoration of the Indian Airforce. Only about three in the country, probably only very few in the world.

His favourite food is pork belly.

Tony Cantatore, Vis Kistiah, Louis Juliano

(All on Vespas)

"I fell off my bike three times and I wasn't even riding it and I scratched it but it's all repaired now…"

"Best investment I've done!"

"True, true."

When asked what their favourite food is, they unanimously answered ITALIAN PASTAAAAA!

...and then Hans took a swig of some of their good whiskey.

Given Selepe

(“My Vespa is this one here”)

Given (also known as Brown Italian) got his Vespa in 2014 as a commuter, but he loves the culture as well so basically it just fitted into his lifestyle… commuting as well as a lifestyle.  Win-Win!

His fave food is pasta and steak.  Together???

Neil van Rensburg

(BMW RnineT)

Neil bought the RnineT at Auto Investments and maintains it himself.  Biking started as a hobby and has now evolved into a group of four/five guys that ride every weekend.  It’s the ultimate boy’s toy.

Neil loves a good curry and rice.

Brian, "but boere call me Braam"

(2010 Ural)

The Ural production plant has moved from Russia to Kazakhstan.  Brian services the bike himself, though he currently has an issue with the carburettor.  Because it’s his only mode of transport, he has to keep riding it limping along.  He rides it every day and keeps the layer of dust a solid thickness as it takes a lot of hard work and effort to keep the patina in good shape.

His favourite food would be a good red wine… as he has never thought of a preferred food type?!?

Gianni Peloni from Italy

(BMW RnineT... it’s his own bike as he works and lives in SA now)

Gianni was having a beautiful and nice day.  It was a whole new experience for him as it was his first DGR.  He rates that SA’s DGR is bigger than anywhere else in the world…  He uses the bike just for little bit trips as it (according to him) is not possible for long long trips.  The longer trips “already destroyed my bones”.  The bikes is not properly comfortable, but it's fine just for a chat and a ride.

Our new Italian friend came up with the best favourite food.  He has tried it for the first time and had to think a while before he remembered it was called – BUNNY CHOW!

Alexis Ramon from France

(Royal Enfield 500 Classic)

Alexis has wanted this specific bike for a long time.  He’s got it now for eight years and shows no sign of ever letting it go.

His fav food is fish.

Eric Capeline

(Harley Davidson Road King)

Eric has had it for about nine years.  He is originally from the UK but has been living here in SA for the last 30 years.  It is his third DGR.

According to him, you can’t beat a British roast.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, approximately 1-in-8 men have a common mental health problem such as anxiety, stress or depression.  Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45.  These statistics underline the importance of removing the stigma surrounding men’s mental health.  You must reach out, you must to talk to your family and friends, you must seek treatment.  Stop hiding your feelings!

How can you be afraid to feel?  Isn’t fear a feeling?  If you are feeling fear, you have felt one of the most negative emotions there is to feel.  Everything else should be a piece of cake.

Feel good, feel happy, feel healthy, feel abundant, feel dapper, feel compassionate, feel the love.

Thanx to Triumph Motorcycles South Africa ( for hosting this event – we loved the route, we loved the guys opening up about their health, we loved the back-up, we loved the ribbons, we loved the onderbaadjies.

A big thanx to our photographer, Hannelie van Schalkwyk (and we are getting her and even BIGGER car keyring!)

Also to Nigel Cosway ( and Jarred Leslie from Too & Co (


Sponsored by Daniel Mulder Distributors (DMD)

Forma Boots (

Caberg Helmets (

Oxford Products (

Answer Racing (

Off Road Cycles (

2M Lazy Lowder (

PaintAbike by Phil Privett (


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