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Pug Rescue Run

(11 December 2021)

Every December we drag a small group of friends to an animal shelter.

Decembers are hard months for these charities as most people would rather go waste their money on over crowded holiday destinations, in packed shopping malls, buying rubbish wrapped in red ribbons for people that never wanted red ribbon wrapped rubbish.

This year we took a ride out to PUG RESCUE SOUTH AFRICA!

These Pugs can smell a treat through six layers of defense!

Cheryl and Malcolm Gaw have been running this Pug shelter for 13 years.

These Pugs are cunning pick-puggeters!

They not only rescue pugs, they take in surrendered pugs, they give them the best medical care, they rehabilitate those that are rehomable, and they run charity events every week.

On top of the rescue center, they also run an outreach project – FOR ALL BREEDS OF DOGS – called the Thanda Inja project.

Thanda Inja means ‘love dog’ and this project runs separately from Pug Rescue SA. The focus of the project is to take veterinary care into an area that does not have access, nor the means to pay for vet care.

During their outreach sessions they found that some of the dogs were underfed. They then started giving each dog a hamper with all kinds of goodies and a bag of dog food. But they soon realized that some dogs were returned twice a day (…for two hampers). It was decided to tag those dogs (but this turned out to be a bit expensive). What they figured out was that the people were starving and then eating the dog food. They then started a soup kitchen along with the veterinary care tent, but this also turned out to be unsustainable. They are currently looking at buying the next-door plot so they can have better control over the project.

What I’m trying to explain is that Cheryl and Malcolm run this not as a charity, but as a business. They do analytics and reports and all those very businessy kinds of things to see if a project is feasible before they run blindly ahead.

They have their heads screwed on… almost like pugs, but not as deep.

Some of the staggering numbers Pug Rescue dealt with this year - 2021:

165 Pugs were surrendered to the rescue center

115 Pugs got new homes adopted by new pug-slaves

Pug Rescue currently have 151 full time in-house Pugtenants

This year’s vet bill was a whopping R650k!

At the outreach project they snip-snipped 98 dawgs and 124 cats

Nearly SIX TONS of Hills food were devoured

Cheryl just came out of hospital herself and was sent to the quarantine corner. There were six locks on the door! You can’t keep a good woman down!

On top of the donated food, they bought another R100k of Hills Scientific Diet

Thanx for the all the supporters – you guys are pugnacious about pug welfare!

A special thank you to Paw Print Pet Cremation ( for their donation. The friendship between Paw Print and Pug Rescue has been long, sad, happy, lovely and unbreakable!

*Most of the photos taken by photographer Hannelie van Schalkwyk*


Another year where the bikers supported Pug Rescue. You can never spend a day with Cheryl, Malcolm & the pugs without leaving the happiest person on earth! So watch this video and be happy for the rest of the day <3

Video produced by Jolandi Mentz (11 Dec 2021)


Pugs are like little balls of dough… They also like biscuits, bacon and cheese. What I’m trying to say is that these Benjamins like rollin’ in the paper. Read between the lines - money dammit – MONEY!

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