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TG Newsletter: PUG RESCUE

Pug Rescue Run!

(10 December 2022)

How many Pugs make a grumble?


Grrrrrrumbling Pugs!

We know the collective noun for a group of dogs is called a ‘pack’. But, did you know a group of three Pugs or more is called a grumble?

This year we decided to ride out to Pug Rescue to support those pigtails again.

Pug Rescue is run by Cheryl and Malcolm Gaw.

They do not run a shelter or a pound... If you’ve ever visited Pug Rescue you would know that it is indeed a Pug Palace with luxurious amenities for these joyful doggos.

They currently have 201 smoochypoo’s living on the grounds, some up for adoption, others… royalty for life!

There’s play pens, there’s full scale one bedroom houses, there’s a recovery area, there’s a hospital corner, there’s a pub (for humans), there’s grass grass grass everywhere!

But… they go through 650kg of dog food a month!!! So, we went shopping and came with presents of Husky, Dentastix, dishwashing liquid, Omo, paper rolls, rubbish bags, kilos of kisses and huge helpings of hugs.

My bike was so overloaded, it looked like a taxi on the N1 to Thohoyandou just before Xmas.

We spent the morning listening to all the new developments happening at the Gaw estate. Some grrrreat news just came in. A sponsor generously gave them the deeds to the adjacent property. Now they can build a proper vet practice for their Thanda Inja project (to help the less fortunate fluffies), more Pug-pads AND more grass grass grass!

Some interesting facts about Pugs:

This lovable and staunch little dog with its remarkable personality despite its small size is well described by the motto ‘Multum in Parvo’ (much in little).

Pugs are recognized as one of the oldest dog breeds on record, dating back to documents made by Confucius around 551 BC. They are believed to have originated in China, where they were considered to be prized possessions by Emperors. Some of these Pugs were even given their own palaces, guards and servants! They never forgot that…

Some breeds of dog have seen their purpose change over the years. The Pug is not among them. These cheerful, playful and affectionate little dogs are among the oldest dog breeds known today and throughout their long history they have performed just one very important job: KEEPING US COMPANY.

Pugs have wrinkled faces because Chinese breeders purposely bred them that way. They actually aimed to create a pattern of wrinkles on the dogs’ foreheads, which resembled the Chinese character for ‘prince’ (王).

The aunt of Catherine the Great of Russia even took some of her Pugs to church with her. As I understand she was hard of hearing and she heard PRAY, when the veterinarian said SPAY.

I do believe that a day spent at Pug Rescue doesn’t spoil the wuffers… it’s spoils your own soul!

Photos taken by Hannelie van Schalkwyk, Laird Forbes

Sponsored by Daniel Mulder Distributors (DMD)

Answer Racing (

Oxford Products (

Caberg Helmets (

Forma Boots (


(22 January 2023)


It's time again to drop your pants in aid of a species in dire need of rescuing. This year, all donations will be handed over to support and protect the GIRAFFE (Giraffe Conservation Foundation - GCF).

Starting point this year is at Huckleberry's Café (Magnolia Dell, Pretoria). Get there from around 07:30, have a cuppa, share Boxer stories, and be ready to leave at 09:00.

Breakfast will be at Coffee@Capital, and then on to lunch at Mulligans in Harties. Tickets for the breakfast will be sold during the morning. Any extra donations will be joyously accepted.

There will be a back-up vehicle to carry your jeanpants to the end destination. So, pitch up with a pants, drop ‘em for the group ride, and collect (preferably your own) pants at Mulligans again.

Donations can be made in cash at the event (in my hande!!!) OR via EFT to the Tank Girls account (same as the details below in the pink block) OR we will have a little credit card machine point. Dammit, I’m getting all teknological and stuffs. Please mark EFT donations clearly with the reference ANTIPANTS. You are welcome to ride in full pants, but that will cost you an EXTRA R100 donation.

Sometimes... length matters! Ask any kameelperd.


Freelance was derived from the old Brabantian language as kostenlosse and sphes. Which could be translated as ‘I’ll give you a spear at no cost’. We could also… but just know that Chikita can throw a spear like a warrior!

If you’re familiar with the rural concept of the honesty bar, this honesty newsletter ain’t much different... I’m a completely un-paid journalist, relying instead on readers using the honour system. You read the newsletter and then leave an amount you see fit for the entertainment you’ve received.

If you don’t find it particularly amusing, then you fork out NO dosh. I won’t stop sending you the letter – it is still mahala to those that count their coins and... I love sharing my stories.

As requested by my overseas readers, you can donate to this newsletter on my PayPal account:


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I see your 2022 & I raise you 2023!

Skinny & Chikita

Instagram: @skinnyvanschalkwyk


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