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TG Newsletter: HAWS


Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society

(15 December 2019)

Once a year we spoil the furry-orphans of Harties with food and cuddles.

Most bikers are hairy; smell a bit niff under layers of protective gear; and don’t mind a bit of gas…

We also have soft souls; and I’ve seen a few drool while they sleep.

So, a bunch of us headed out to HAWS to donate bags of food, and some moolah. The ride there was short, the wheelies long, and ‘regrets’ were not on the table.

The short dirt road to the entrance were a bit rocky (I know for sure there’s a few superbike guys that called me names), but we didn’t have any splatter on our way there.

Some of the kind crew!

Frenchie and John seemed a bit hungry…

The recent rains destroyed the ceiling in the HAWS office, and with it a laptop and cell. Hopefully our donations helped with getting some of these fixed/replaced.

The kittens met their first hippo!

This little booper made sure I remembered her. She was dually adopted a week later and now lives a life of luxury at the Chikita household. Her name is Liberty Belle!

How many dogs can fit in one car? Four million?!?

There was a Boomer, a Scruffy, a Spotty…

And I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your fence down. We decided not to adopt an oink. We like bacon just a wee bit too much…

After getting covered in dog dribble, cat fluff, and piggy mud, we rode to the stunt spot to spend the rest of the day playing “Watch-dis-move”.

Black Rock however was packed. The Ford club, the BMW club, The No Shaait MC, the supermotard laaities, KB and his Wheelie King classes – every man and his Kawasaki were there!

We realized it was just to busy to get any tar time, so we moved our caravan to the other end of the strip.

The other guys were already warmed up and showing some moves.

Big girl panties – come one Skinny, you can do this!

Trying some STOPPIES!

Luckily, I have Nico Hesselman from Stunt Stylez that has a gazillion bags of patience with me.

But after numerous attempts…

Still nope!

My WHEELIES are getting better every time!

CHRISTOS – still one of my favourites!

Though the wind was a bit nasty early in the morning…

SHINKO and their blue rubber!

I even tried a BUNNY-HOP…

Sometimes, we just need to play a bit and not take life too seriously. This was one of those days. Nothing much to talk about, so much to do!


Join us for a broek-dropping ride in support of our lions. This year all donations will go to lion-conservation.

Pitch up at the Union Building on Sunday 19 January 2020, 08:00 – WITH YOUR BROEKS STILL ON! We will have a vehicle there that will take everyone’s jeans to the end point (Kearneys, Broederstroom). Riding in your undies is NOT compulsory, but if you decide to stay panted, you have to donate an EXTRA R100!


By adopting a kitten, I got an omloop… Please help me pay for my medical bills! I hate anything that has the word ‘loop’ in it.

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We've made it to 2020!!!

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