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Brits Channels vs. Redstar Raceway

(August 2013)

This month I did two short day rides.  One down the channels in the North-West and a day at the track at RedStar.  It might still be on two wheels, but there is only one comparison – BEER… I mean… VET PRET!

So for...

Wild Dogs Track Day

(13 August 2011)

So… the honne, some chickens and a lady-NOT-called-chicken decided to do this tar thing they’ve heard so much about.  Apparently it’s just like dirt and almost took as much engineering to create, but you can ride it.

This must have bee...

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People always talk

“She is one smart chickie, lightly marinated in Tequila.” - Brie Bencini-Cadman

“If I were to concoct an alter ego of myself who is an infinitely funnier, smarter & larger than life figure than I could ever hope to be, it would probably look a lot like Skinny! I love how effortlessly she can make people laugh. And how she takes the time to document her adventures & send them out into the world every month.” - Rashmi Tambe

“Skinny you are amazing - a raconteur, an adventurer, & an idol.  I'm just a humble motorbike dispatch rider (courier in simple terms) with my bum on the brom eight hours a day, every day.  Your stories inspire me.” - Rob Hill

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