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StofSkop Flat Track Racing

(7 September 2019)

StofSkop is in its FOURTH year.  Yeah – we’ve been digging dust for FOUR years already and it just keeps on getting better.

The StofSkop event is a social flat track race held once a year at the Randfontein Oval...


(5 August 2017)

On any Saturday…

…but more specifically on the 5th of August, a bunch of flat track hooligans gathered together around a flat piece of dirt oval.  They brung two wheeled engines of every size & flavour imaginable to test their bravery against each...

The Grand Walkerville Stof Skop

(6 August 2016)

“Trek op daai panties – EK KOM!!!”

If it sounds like we had loads of vulger fun - you would be right about the ‘loads’ and the ‘fun’ parts!

The Stof Skop is a social motorcycle event in its first year.  The motto of the day w...

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People always talk

“She is one smart chickie, lightly marinated in Tequila.” - Brie Bencini-Cadman

“If I were to concoct an alter ego of myself who is an infinitely funnier, smarter & larger than life figure than I could ever hope to be, it would probably look a lot like Skinny! I love how effortlessly she can make people laugh. And how she takes the time to document her adventures & send them out into the world every month.” - Rashmi Tambe

“Skinny you are amazing - a raconteur, an adventurer, & an idol.  I'm just a humble motorbike dispatch rider (courier in simple terms) with my bum on the brom eight hours a day, every day.  Your stories inspire me.” - Rob Hill

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