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(21 April 2011)

So, finally work picked up and the bank manager ain’t phoning me daily with a husky voice anymore. But with work - comes less play… We did one small trip on the bikes down to Sodwana and it will probably be the lamest report ever, BUT… please don’t unsubscribe your name off the mailing list – YET! Justin promised that we’d do a ‘properste’ trip in the next month and hopefully I’ll be able to report back on some doer-and-gone town and lurvly roads to ride.

Here’s some kiekies and a weeee bit of gargle on our trip to Sodwana…

I did my first dirt road… and my undies are still clean!!!

We didn’t take a lot of kiekies as we were either trying to jump over potholes OR slowly clutching it through UNBELIEVABLY long stop-and-goes.

I was heading out to Sodwana – the scuba diving mecca of South Africa where Justin was testing his holding-my-breath capabilities. I got the idea that there wasn’t a road less travelled, as every possible track down there someone has tried and someone told me NOT to take that specific route?!? 'Don't try the Ermelo/Piet Retief route...' 'Don't even think of PaulPiet...' 'You should try and stay off the Vryheid route...' etc.

At last minute I convinced my sniggie (…something between a sister and a niggie – don’t ask, but it does NOT entail incest!) to join me on my trip. We quickly had the Buell serviced/fixed after my long haul to PE, and I gooi-ed HANS on the Triumph (…Scrambler) - Griet. She warned me that she’s a crawler and true to her word we made our way at an 80 clicky pace.

The Sniggie:

The Griet:

At Leandra we took the turn to Standerton and we started laughing when we saw the first warning signs of potholes. They should rather warn you of the patches of tar between the potholes…

We had headphones in our helmets, and Hans (…riding behind me) could determine the condition of the road surface by the pitch of my screams. 'Ugh-igh-ahg-eeaaack-hic-hic…' meant I DIDN'T miss the hole!

Just outside of Volksrust we came to a dead stop. We assumed there was a stop-and-go ahead, but after the first hill we could see the cars stretching more than 20kays ahead – NOT MOVING. Our wrists were taking strain and I told Hans to follow me on the white line slowly over taking the ‘parked’ cars. A few kays down the road a cop pulled us over, but luckily I applied a thick layer of princess that morning and he let us off the hook. We continued riding the line. We eventually made it to the stop-and-go, but it was getting dark and I had to spur Hans on to a nerve-wrecking 100 clicks. Kom Snig, gooi hom Snig, goooo Snig!

We made it to Utrecht and found a lekker guest house there – just in time before night fall. We rested our moeg boude and woke up early the next morn for the last stretch:

There were some MAD detours around road works and then we hit the long BUT smooth dirt at Jozini dam. This road was by faaaar the best piece we rode.

Secret Side Note: Hans had a plunge on one of the detour roads and her bike tripped ended there. She got a lift (bike included) with some other holiday-goers that had space on their trailer. We never told the parents about her off...

Jozini dam:

My head kept tuning myself, 'Myself - NO front brakes - LOOK UP chicken!' Hans drew the line when I started singing. Not because my singing was that bad, but my choice of song... 'Tortelduifie sit in die eike booo-ooom...'

The Jack did the trick and we kept moving

We made a stop at a rail crossing

I think I took my life in my own hands here as Hans looked at me with that kwaai look that only sore boude can give you. I decided to rather hit the road quickly before I got tied to a trein spoor:

We made it to the camp site, very moeg and vreeslik VREESLIK dors:

Unfortunately our trip back was uneventful, as the Triumph decided to rather hitch a lift back on the back of a trailer. Griet just had enough of the SA crappy roads. Here art me getting ready for the long stretch:

We had to make it all the way back to Jo’burg in one day. We decided to rather head back to Durbs and chew the main roads back home. I did 20kays short of a thousand that day and got home in the dark and cold. Freezing my nannas off in the dark, I kept smiling as I knew only bikers would see fun in riding cold dark roads… with no nannas!

Just for some last sad news... the ladies racing class was cancelled last week. We have some amazing chicken-talent in SA. Please keep on supporting the feathered racers.

Hopefully I’ll have some nail biting suspense story for you next month… If you keep listening to my crap, you might develop an odd numbness to women’s moaning… or you are married and already have. :-)

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