(13 November 2009)

...and so we set off on another moerse journey - Sedgefield here we come! And all those other plekkies in between – WATCH OUT!

The first day we (...just) made it to Colesberg. The blerrie wind had us all over the road. Ek sweer – my left arm is bigger than the right one!!!

This was also where the split was to gooi down to CT, OR we headed straight down to Sedge? We were waiting for Pips to confirm our plans as Scott was still wiel-loos and Pips still had all Singer’s gare in her foot.

We decided to wait it out at Colesberg @ the Horse-&-Mill... well known Harley stop-over and also the hotspot for the Harley rally. They always have good food – lotsa beers and a bed! While grazing we couldn’t help but hoor what ‘Clark Kent’ next to us was up to. ‘Clark’ was getting his directions to Brits hopelessly mixed up. He was gonna end up in Brisbane the way he was takin’ notes (...but the way he was drinkin’, I’m not so sure he cared?!?). We decided to help a bit and of coarse Skinny implemented her four year’s Geography degree and penciled down a to-scale map with North, basic stop-over’s, geological outcrops and even some sightseeing events.

The next morning, someone 4geet to told us it kan laaik to be blerrie winter in these parts!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to take waaaaaaay more than normal butt-breaks just to fill our veins with Mokador. Here’s one of the truck stops we dopped at:

Justin testing the ‘waters’:

Save to drink – here ya go:

Another stop to defrost hands:

From here I said we should stop over at The Owl House. Justin has never been there before and wasn’t quite sure what ‘The Owl House’ was. I decided grond-pad-ofte-nie, I had to go show him one of our greatest (...and malste) artists.

Justin though had to switch off the headphones ones we were on the gravel. He could have lost all hearing ya know!

We didn’t take any kiekies, but daai tannie was glad nie lekker nie... It’s a must see and I’m glad I ‘attacked’ the gravel for this visit. It’s amazing what she created out of some broken bottles and klei. She really lived in her own world. Though... I think Nieu Bethesda is a world of its own. We took a drive thru the town and stopped at this stoep-cafe which smelled delicious. We had one of the best plaas-breakfasts ever! Was just a mission trying to keep the chicken (...not the braai-ed one) off the table. If you looked away for a second he would steel something off your plate.

We then took the bottom road out of town and it was my first RELAXED dirt ride:

Justin stretched his legs a few times and left me in the dust, but he just had to see what the Buell could do playing in dirt.

From here we stopped in Graaf-Reinette and filled up at a garage. The joggies here found our conversation, standing at different pumps, still with helmets on, quite interesting:

Me to Justin: We gonna stop for a koeldrank quickly?

Joggie 1: Askies merrem???

Me to Joggie: Neep man, ek praat met daai man daar anner kant.

Joggie 1 kyk so laaaank na Justin en draai terug na my: EN HY KAN DJOU HOOR????????

Joggie 2 by Justin: Meneer, tjirre dit kan seker nie lekker wees om ‘n vroumens so djeeldag in jou ore te hê nie?!?

We took a drive out to see if we could get up to the valley of desolation. It’s been tarred in recent years and was in great nic. While giving Justin a quick overview of the Karoo geology and sedimentology we snacked on some salami (...smoked and bought at Nieu-B) and sipped on Jack.

We then draaied krane oop to see if we could make it to Uniondale. Dang!!! That wind was terrible!!! We decided to take a beer-break at Willowmore and a tannie there told us to stop at Prince Albert on the way back. We trotseered the wind again, but about 5kays outside of Uniondale, Justin ran outa petrol... Doing 170 to 180 clicks into a head-wind, vreets petrol!

Me being laaik kinda a smart chicken told him to hang onto me and I would ‘tow’ him into town............................... Bliksem maar my brein werk nie altyd so lekwa nie *bloos*

Klapping the throttle, I nearly rukked Justin’ arm outa the socket. His upper arm caught his wing mirror and counter-steered his bike straight into mine. Luckily he los-ed just in time. *sug*

I had to go buy petrol at Uniondale – sommer got him a full 5 liters! Soet meisiekind!!!!

We found a little B&B and was offered to park our bonies sommer on the stoep. Very rustic old house, but nice company.

Next morning we took the road thru the valley to Kareedouw. At a farmstall where we stopped for breakfast, we met up with some KTM riders. They had a bois-weekend away riding some dirt passes thru the mountains. They suggested we take one of these passes down to the coast, but Justin informed them that they obviously don’t have connector earphones to their helmets as well and could never experience the glory of a ‘Skinny-hi-note’...

We had a little bit of rain down at the coast, but it was enjoyed as the weather was heating up & we started sweet-ing under our jackets.

I think Justin started regretting having an intercom at this stage cause there’s only so many time that one man can listen to ‘Blommetjie gedenk aan my...’ and other highly appreciated VAK songs.

The first day Ben took Justin skiing-wif-a-kite-on-water. First you get strapped in:

Dude – dai anner oke is moer toe! Wil jy nog gaan???

Then ya hold on for dear life:

Bru – dis ‘n wedge!!!

Ek’t al gehoor van hierdie ‘op water loop’ ding...



We met up with ‘Foot-loose’ & Scorp at a pub in Sedge later that day. For the next few days we braaied, we kuiered, we relaxed, we jumped off bridges... just the normal stuffs you do on holiday!

We had a look around and picked the following bridge to fling ourselves off:

It seemed like the perfect bridge to di(v)e from...

First up was Justin. Very keen on being first – brave face!

Dude... nie nou nie – jou ma gat my donner!


Hey!!! Jy moet daai tou vas maak dude!

Check – ek’t my tanne geborsel bru!

Dalk as ek woes lyk, issit nie so bad nie...

Oooooh ppoooe........!!!

Sweef soos ‘n arend, so veeeeeer...

Flip – so wedgy knyp!


Tweede op die skinkbord was Pips:

Dalk as ek hierdie cape dra – sal ek vlieg soos die red-blue-blur?

Chicks DIG scars!

Kom ons gou hierdie ene sommer net af!


Look ma – it’s a skidmark!

Raait – die linker duim werk. Volgende...

Laastens – Skinny:

Nee... dis hoe ek gewoonlik lyk as ek ontspan!

Raait – alles is nog innie regte plek... vir nou!

En ek slaan my oge op na die hemel... Waar gaan my vlerke vandaan kom?!?!


Flap – flap – flap!!! Dammit – ek ruil hierdie vlerke net môre om!

NEE – nie wee nie! Ek’t genoeg gehad! Los my uit!!!


Oooooh – daar’s my duime!

Justin – die jock-strap gaan onner die broek.

Na ons waaghals show het ons besluit om die volgende dag ‘n rustige wandeling deur die Tuin Roete te vat. Pips met haar geskeurde voet het nie eend eers keer gekla oor die 7km trippie nie.

Scorp at the stairway to heaven.

Wow – and to think this is a drought area – declaired as CRITICAL!

Ons moes oor die rivier met ‘n pont:

Jojojo – daai krokodil was naby!

Ons het die Yeti ondek...

...& sy boetie!

Ons het voeltjies ook gesien... Loeries & al!

Kom Justin, daas Jack Daniels daa voo!

Ek’t gehoor hier’s ‘n REGTE bike in die woud te vinde...?

Hehehe! Vanaand rook ek julle...!

Oor en uit – sharp-sharp!

We spent a few extra days in Sedge and went to all the markets.

On the way back we went thru Meiringspoort to Prince Albert:

...and stopped over at Three Sisters. There we stayed over in an awesome place called Travalia. The next day was a long haul back but it was worth the ride as it was another SPECTACULAR holiday!


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