Scooter Rally

(19 - 20 March 2011)

This will go down in history... Skinny attended a rally – BIKELESS!!!

So I have this friend, Skelly. Been friends now for 23 years. We were 10 years old and she was a new attraction to our school. Three days later and she stole my boyfriend, Chris Jacobs... We’ve been friends ever since! Hehehe!

She had to attend her first ever rally, and not being the regular biker chicken... she roped me in. The attire was a jean-pant and black hi-heal boots...?!? How many rallies have you attended?!?!?!? But she’s taller than me and I decided that THAT day was not a good day for a fight.

It was the Scooter rally – 2011

Yet another one of the smaller rallies... I LIKE!!!

I got dressed up in a BikeFin t-shirt... but had to strip the bottom off. My mom already warned me that I should try and look a little bit more sexy at rallies – she never smaaked my tutu.

We... ahgem... THEY... set up the BikeFin tent and from there on it was down hill.





There was a few games. I think the war in Pakistan might just be safer than these games. The favourite was Scooter-Soccer. They started with something that looked like one of those gym-balls...

So everybody storms off chasing this ball... Who gives way?

What about obstruction?

I guess this would count as ‘OFF-SIDE’

To make it more interesting... they changed the size of the ball

Even Simon gave it a go and he was styling... up to a point...



Even the tuc-tuc had a gooooooooo... Though I think he hid the ball in the boot:

And then there was the scooter-march. But being BIKELESS, I thought I’d sit this one out. NOT A CHANCE!!! Jonway roped me in – handed me a jelmetwuntyme key to scoot – and OFF YA GO!

Bucc... after you stopped me on the hi-way that day and kachked me out for wearing shorts and a vessie, I vowed never to go without ATGATT again... I have to plead guilty! But, I did go slow... sort of...

Plenty-plenty mini-me’s:

Van Gogh did it... so I had to try this self-portrait thing as well. I guess he had only one ear, but at least he had both hands!

The ox wagon was loaded...with some se-ri-OUS beauties:

...and even transformed into a local taxi! This outjie wanted to go to Majakaneng:

If you thought Wimpy was a good franchise to open (...what? – with a regular coke costing R14-95!) – you should start looking at selling scooter BACK tyres!

Tall... Taller... Don’t make me come down there...

There was a Zuma-replica scoot. Shower head - et al:

When I heard it served JACK... swoooosh...

There was the ‘short-circuit’ race through the camp and I got the privilege to manage flag-duty!

I have to ask WHY yellow bikes are faster? After a few qualifying rounds, the four scoots in the finale were ALL yellow...?

Op julle merke...



The winner was... Uuumhmmm... the guy with the yellow scoot!

This is why you DON’T ask a biker to blow the fire:

There was also a lekker prize giving at the end and I have to say BIKEFIN went out of their way with the prizes!

One of the winners in the concourse bike/scoot competition, was something that some guys hammered together with a shopping trolley as a side car. As per rules – all concourse bikes have to arrive at the rally on their own wielletjies. This scoot apparently made it about 2 kays from home and the trolley’s wheels came off (...much like most of US later that evening – so we had sympathy). The laaities took the bike home and skaai-ed some wheels off something (...probably the kruiwa) in their dad’s garage and made the trip successfully all the way out to Harties. Well done okes!

Miss Scooter Rally was a real bietsch

Small wheels – big party!

Next month I’m taking a lonesome trip to Sodwana. Seeing as I don’t usually do dirt – this should be interesting! See ya... if Griet makes it!


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