Regional 600cc Ladies Race

9 August 2010


The last race day turned out to be one of the worst for this season.........

We raced on Women’s day (9 August 2010) and was all excited about all the activities planned for the day, but before we even finished qualifying, we were already almost two hours behind on schedule?!?

The ladies class was suppose to finish Heat 1 before 13:00, but by 14:45 we still had to get out of the pits!

When the ladies finally had a chance to get out on the track the racing was on! Nicole and Michelle were having a blast, with Veronika and Jenice chasing that same bone. Here’s Jen and Veronika breathing each other’s fumes:

The girls decided to fly with the Women’s day theme and we wore our panties (...clean ones – may I add) OVER our racing suits. I was hoping that the girls behind me would ‘take a wrong turn’... hehehe!!! The guys next to the track watching us race, must have thought they had too much Pronutro that morning – x-ray eyes!

We had truly amazing women in this race. Take for instance Debs... she broke her hand a while back (...into smithereens!), but do you think this stopped this chicken from competing??? Nada... They strapped her fingers and hand up stiff with only two fingers loose to use and boy – did she use them! Here is she, our very own ama-crokko-crokko:

There were two major crashes on the track in the 100 and 125 classes and this put a huge damper on everybody’s spirits. It’s really sad/shocking/scary to see the youngsters get badly hurt. These youngsters can take the biggest impacts and normally walk away smiling... but not at the last race...

Lafras lost his bike in corner 1 and as he got up to run back to his bike, another rider collided with him. The emergency services did an amazing job and everybody stood next to the track sending every single last inch of our good thoughts out to these okies. Lafras is still in hospital, but at least he’s out of the red for now. Hang in there buddy!

By this time it was decided that the rest of the day was cancelled. There would just not be enough time left for all the classes to finish. But... there was still one last thing to do for the day...

Jenice decided that Marius’ ash (her husband) should rest on the track. Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY, joined the memorial run around the track! Even the little okies had their parents holding their bikes while we waited to start the lap. After we did one lap in reverse, we asked all the riders to return to the pits and the ladies continued to the corner where Marius had his accident. While Jenice said her goodbyes – we saluted him for all his help, assistance and love.

What an emotional day – spent with the most amazing women! Thanks chickens – you make it worth it!

The points standing currently:

The next race is at Kyalami on 4 September 2010! It’s the second last race for the season and hopefully we get some serious lap time(s). Come support us – SAMBLIEF! You don’t know how much it means to us chickens knowing we have peeps coming especially to watch, gawk, ogle at our stupendous bravery!


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