Regional 600cc Ladies Race

22 May 2010

Zwartkops Raceway

For this race, I flew my beste maatjie up from CT. She landed late on Thursday night at Lanseria. The next morning we woke up early, but only got going a lot later...? Women...

Loaded my little 1400 with trailer, two bikes, two generators (...which never got used) and all the racing stuffs the two of us could squash into my little oneabe-tonner. Found a lekker spot there by the other chickens and set-up for two days of jaaging.

Pips has done this track on Billy-Bob before and although she believes she’s a die-hard-Honda-racer... she has a secret affair with our beloved Billy-Bob (...a Yamaha)!

Just before we went out for our first practice session, helmets and gloves strapped on... Dave31 stops us and asks Pips if she washed Billy-Bob?!? There were some fluids by the front wheel. He took a smell and proclaimed it – BRAKE FLUID! Ripped off the helmets and had a quick look to see that all the fluid has drained out of the reservoir. As she touched the brake caliper (can you believe there’s something on a bike called a banjo-bolt?) the fluid rushed out. Dave patted Pips on the back and assured her that there ‘should’ still be some liquids left in the pipes and if the brakes are a bit squishy – she should just pump the lever!!!

Low and behold ...Pips went out!!! Malkoppie...

We had a lekker warm-up session, 'cept for wuntyme flying crash bobbin that nearly took Pips’ head off! My crash bobbin that I just had fitted came off on corner 3 after two laps. Well... if you can’t beat ‘em – take ‘em out! Hehehe!

We took the bike back to Dave afterwards to have a look. The break caliper wasn’t even fastened! They took off all the bolts by hand. Typhoon quickly strapped everything back on again and topped up the reservoir.

Pips then decided to rather overtake everybody on the outside – no brakes needed!


The rest of the day went without any troubles and everything looked like the race for the next day was gonna be intense.


Pitched up early to sort out all the scrutineering and documentation. Our qualifying was quite early – I think at 8am and we thus had to get ‘em tyres hot early!

I only then found out that Michelle was out of the race due to concussion and there was an opportunity to get a fifth spot.

Sat with Pips through the technicalities of the track and then the blerrie tert goes on and pips me at my own game. Over took me at the hairpin and then I couldn’t get past again. Hehehe! Wateva – both MY bikes – both MY spots!

Spots on the grid – HEAT 1

I got a fifth spot on the starting grid and knew I had to get a good start to stay closer to the fast chickens up front.

Pips thought she was at a stunt show and impressed the crowd with three consecutive wheelies. Check the pink hooligan in the middle...

Got off the grid good and held the fifth spot for 6 laps. I was clinging on to that spot for dear life when I came past on lap 7 where Judith was lying in corner one and then Pips and Billy-Bob taking a nap just after the hairpin!!!

They gooied us with a red flag and made us stop on the grid again. Damn! I was keeping up the fight so good and now there were two more laps to do with another grid start...

Raait – let’s go again! We were off and I took 5th spot again just to come around corner 8 after the first lap to find Wilms tumbling down the mountain. As sad as the sight was – there was another opportunity to make up even one more spot – make that 4th please. One more lap – keep up Skinny – one more lap!

I was probably focusing way too hard on late braking and over cooked it a bit at the table top. Just enough space opened up for Veronika to squeeze thru the gap and there she went. Nice move chicken, and just not enough time left for me to fight back... I was very upset with myself for slipping up on the fourth last corner – BAIE VIES!

As I came off the track Justin just smiled and I couldn’t understand why? I just slipped up and disappointed myself???

What I didn’t know ...or rather vergeet, was that when a race was broken into two segments they take the total time of the first 6 laps PLUS the total time of the last two and then reward the spots to whomever has the quickest times. My first 6 laps was just fast enough for me to get 4th spot by 0.02 seconds! Blerrie djel... as my neus nie so lank was nie!

Wilms has some REALLY bad luck this season. Her foot slipped off her foot peg and as she lifted her foot back on, she didn’t realize she accidentally kicked the bike back into first gear (...she’s got upsidedown race gearing). As she let the clutch go – obviously a very upset maksjien said – NO!!! And bounced her off the tar. She’s okay – bike looked a bit messed up – but she’ll ride again!

Pips were over taking Max and ran too hot... TOO BLERRIE LOW TO MY LIKING (...this is how she scratches Billy-Bob’s t-shirt every time) into the hairpin:

When I say you can ride my boyfriend – I don’t mean lie down next to him!!!

Well... I told you there was a crack here somewhere!

Testing her ice-skating capabilities – she was hit by a Triumph. Max knocked her on the right shoulder and left a lekker bloukol. Kudos to Max for not making a sympathy fall!

Scrutineering on the bikes had to be done BEFORE the race, you two!

If I keep really quiet, he won’t even see me coming...

I told you I wanted a Honda...!

Hey – wake up Billy-Bob!

...and doesn’t she look happy?!?

When we finally got Billy-Bob back, the only real damage was a broken brake lever. There was no way she flew up from CT just to sit out on the race because of a verdomde lever.

Justin got to work. Sourced us a second hand lever (...remember my boy is old and the new stuffs doesn’t fit his retro style so lekker). Justin grinded the lever down until it fitted into the casing. But, the lever had a kink in it and was too close to the bar to give any play for pressure. Justin then chopped up the broken lever into little bits and gooied it in between the lever and the bar. Plakked it all together with some miracle glue called Pratley Steel – VOILA!

One time Mountain Chicken ready to roll again.


My starts are not my best, but then again – not my worst either. I took off at 4th and lost one spot before corner one, lying in 5th behind Veronika for the first 4 laps. As we came round corner 8 and I expected a number 4 on the lap board – the marshal oomie took his clip-board and placed it over the lap board?!? What did that mean??? Did we take too long and now they were only giving us 5 laps, or... or... what???

I knew I had to take any chance now, as I thought it was my last lap. Out of corner four I saw Veronika just getting back on the gas a little later than normal and I jumped her on the inside. Up to the table top and taking care not to slip up on this corner again. Thru the S’s, down to 8, sharp turn and ready to greet the chequered flag – I’m met with a 3 on the lap board...!

THREE MORE LAPS?!? I decided just to focus and do everything RIGHT. Held up my spot and finally came in at fourth for heat 2 as well.


I had such a lekker day and I’m tellin’ ya all... you must come check out these vinnige-chickens. We race, we over take, we bliksem neer, we race more! Pratley Steel, duck tape and sanitary pads for knee braces keeps us together. The most entertaining racing to be seen in SA!

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