Regional 600cc Ladies Race

17 July 2010

Zwartkops Raceway

…I told you the ladies make spectacular crashes!!!

The last ladies race on 17 July 2010 was FREEZING. We had towels over our tyre warmers cause not even the tyre warmers were heating up. We had our gloves squeezed in between the tyre warmers to stop getting chicken claws out on the track. We had about 14 layers of clothing on and probably looked like Oros chickens trying to ride bikes. Sending bikes out with tyres at around 80 degrees, just to get back after a few laps and the tyres’ temp would drop to 42!!!

We haven’t done this ‘jaaging’ thing for two months and I think most of us needed some serious track time to get back in the groove. Not only that but this time they decided to see how they could get all the chickens into HEAVY BREATHING – they upped our laps to 10… TEN… TIEN!

The track was icy, but it didn’t seem to slow the faster chickens… they just get faster by the day. The front race was heated, but Wilms rode like a queen. Janine had a big smash on corner 4 (#79). Justin said, you could see the chickens screaming up to corner 4 - then they saw Janine’s helmet above the tyre wall and the next moment it was gone and there was a ball of dust. Amazingly, at the speed these chicken ride, she was back in the pits with a smile and the bike will be fixed for our next race at Phakisa. Here she’s gunning it just before her off:

I definitely did better in my second heat, trying to remember the basics of racing… and MORE GAS!!! I also think my body started defrosting… Hehehe! My times came down – but there’s still quite a bit of work I need to do.

In the end Wilms won the race with Michelle second and JD (…even after her HUGE crash at the last race – pics at the top) took third! Check out the points standings attached.

Our next race is at Phakisa on WOMEN’S DAY the 9th Aug. We’ll be practicing on Sunday and full throttle on Monday. We’re in for 10 laps again and considering that Phakisa are almost double the length of Zwartkops – come hear us doing the ‘heavy breathing’ thing…

I’ll print a few of the ladies racing posters and hand these out to our supporters. They are limited edition – thus gooi a vet trek down to Welkom and come support us.


With tears in our hearts we had to say goodbye to Marius Storm, Jenice’s husband (…the chicken on the yellow number 28 bike). Marius had a very unfortunate accident at Phakisa and passed away. The ladies will take an honorary lap at the next race to commemorate one of our greatest supporters. A man always there to help change a tyre, lift a paddock, or just give us a smile!

If you’d like me to stop smoking you with this interesting ladies riding info, send me a reply with ‘Take off’ in the subject line. All this info is also available on my blog ( – for those that are more komper-literate.

*Photo credits for Deon Venter; Digital Event Imaging; Carel du Preez*


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