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(11 - 16 December 2010)

So... if the mjountain doesn’t cometh to Gauteng, then the Gautengers go’eth to the mjountain!

Wilmarie organized a showcase of the SA ladies talent down in Slaapstad and some of the chickens decided to make the Groot Trek down to Killarney for the friendly race on 16 December 2010.

She also organized two 150cc bikes for the 8hr Endurance (...on 11 December 2010) and we all decided to make a small biking ‘holiday’ of the week down there.

Luckily we organized our new Isuzu bakkie in time as we had to kart 4 bikes down in our wagon; 3 x Superbikes on a 2M trailer and one mini-me slapped on the tail.

We left on Thursday evening (...9 December 2010) and still had to stop at Colesberg the next morning at 4am for me to do my night shift work for Deloitte.

We made good time and got to CT round about 2pm. We headed straight to Danie Maritz who would fit the 150’s new tekkies. On the way there, a Toyota Conquest decided to test the width of the 1 ton ( trailer and tried to squeeze in before us in traffic. Needless to say; 2M trailer = 1, Conquest = -1!

We quickly did a trailer tire change and made it in time to the workshop to do one more 150 tire change. In Gauteng, we know this stuff!

We made our way to the guest house and had a good night’s rest for our long ride the next day.

The go-kart track at Killarney.

The next morning started with a bang. We were running up and down having everyone enter, the bike scrutineered, getting the racing rules under our belts. Here Justin and Pips are doing a quick sprocket change as we still had standard road gearing.

We had two teams for the 8hr. Wilms had an all chicken team: Wilms, Michelle Marais, Janine Mitchell and Jeanine du Rand. Our team was: Me, Justin, Pips and Scott (...two Capies - just to be diplomatic you know). I went out first for the first practice session and jhell... these guys weren’t fooling around! The guys were not only experienced with the small bikes (...and having your knees hooked behind your ears), but they were also quite aggressive. I still had to get used to the track, the bike, the riding style, etc. I came in with GROOT oge!

Remember this number... You’ll see it often.

Between riding sessions the bikes had to be pushed to the other side of the pit before the next rider could mount. Most of the guys were too to push anything more than their moeg boots to the nearest seat. Luckily most of the teams had helpful team mates. ‘Gee hier broer, ek stoot hom sommer tjop-tjop’

Fill up, automatic stop please ...leave the oil and water.

Pips went out next and did... well... better... She also came in and seemed surprised with how competitive it was out there. Though she knew the track and had done a few 8hr races before. For qualifying Scott went out and got us a good solid second last spot on the starting grid... Better than any of the rest of our team would have been able to pull off!

So...? Are those to help you balance?!?

During the last practice session Janine Mitchell had an up close and personal greeting with one of the other riders that forgot that he had upside down gearing and locked up the wheels. She was rushed of to the big white building with a BADLY ( JIG) broken collarbone. The bike was worse...

Wuntyme hospitalized boney.

The rim was bent and most of the levers were broken off. According to Endurance racing rules only two peeps could work on the bike and ‘Ooms’ Claude and Willem started klapping the bike with hammers and spanners. Most of the bike got fixed up, but the rim had a leak after Willem still managed to get it back into a round shape. Nobody had a rim replacement that they could use and it looked like the ladies team had to retire before they even started...

Willem making one time square rim back to round and BALANCED.

Justin to the rescue!!!

Justin suggested that the ladies team use ‘our’ bike, as Wilms did organize it for us and we just knew they stood a far better chance at achieving anything meaningful on the track than our team. They were still caucusing about the offer when we ran off to the pub, had a quick cold one and thus immediately got disqualified from partaking. Hehehegghh... *hic*

The chickens having a dink-skrum about the offer of the extra bike.

Thus the three remaining ladies had no choice and off they went – just in time for the Le Mans start.

Wilms in motion (47)

The chickens had an amazing race and managed to move up a few spots. There was one more incident with Michelle having her front taken out from under her and tumbling off the track. The bike’s foot peg gave her a vet hicky in the neck and she also had to pop round to the big white building to be checked out.

In the mean time, JD and Wilms held the throttle open and gooi-ed those laps one down, 454 to go! JD was the energizer bunny and just kept going. I started wondering if her dad tied a stuk tjoklit to the front fearing and let her loose?!? Michelle came back around lunch time and joined the team again.

JD, aka the bunny (47)

As sy verby jou kom, moer sy jou met die purse oorie helmet, net om dit in te vryf.

After a looong day and lotsa whining of four-strokes in our ears, we had a successful, adventurous day at the kart track making more memories. From the 33 starters – the chickens managed to end in 27th spot.

The RST bike had run flawlessly all day, turning 266 laps in the first four hours and 273 in the second half of the race for a total of 539, 16 ahead of the Bikefin riders, who racked up 248 laps in their crash-strewn first half but a superb 275 in the final four hours.

Michelle rode the final stretch for the Speed Queens to bring the bike home 27th, on 438 laps.

Girls, all I can say is... WHOOOOSH!

For the first time there was an all ladies class at Killarney’s All Bike Race Day. Quite a few of the GP chickens made their way down to CT for the race either by tackling the long road with trailers and bikes or flying down and dropping in on the action.

Most of the chickens stayed in a guest house not far from the track and we did some serious race planning... aka skinnering about all things NOT bike! You know... important stuffs like... lipstick and hair spray! (Ja raait!)

The day before the race we had the opportunity to test the track. It seemed like quite a short track with only 5 corners, but it’s over 3kays with a back stretch where one can seriously stretch your tires.

The pits at Killarney

Heads UP down the straight! One doesn’t dare stick out any limbs over this wall. Some of the guys get so close that the force feels like it’s gonna wip you off your feet.

Unfortunately there is a few big blue gum trees next to the track and their roots make for interesting cornering on a zink-plaat surface. My bike, ‘DragonFly’ does not have a steering damper and I had to power out of most corners holding on for dear life to a machine that did it’s best to try and throw me off. She was like a horse shaking head from annoying flies.

Check dem trees on the side. It’s dem that makes for wwwhhwhwhhhobbly riding.

Pips gave me some tips on the track and tried to calm my nerves. Except that the track is VERY bumpy it was a bit dirty and there is ‘marks’ all over and not knowing the track – you’re not always sure if it’s beeeeg bumps, oil or cement? I was taking some odd lines but eventually found one that seemed to work for me. I even gave Pips some advice back on her own track for corner 3. It’s got a big crater right at the point where we’d like to accelerate and you just have to hold off for a millisecond before gooi-ing open the throttle and everything jumps into line then.

On race day the girls all pitted together which is always huge fun. The chickens are never quiet and there’s always one making the others ‘kraai’ with laughter.

Wilms and Debs checking out the competition.

Team Tank Girls and the underwear-model.

That blerrie fast kuiken – Nix

The horses in their stable... saddled and brushed – ready to gallop.

We really didn’t expect the turn out! There were sooo many peeps that came to support the racing. I think the Gaut-emmers can take some tips from the Slapies. There was a stage with a band at the back and even a Think Bike stand with the loyal volunteers that promotes Bucc’s cause (! There were peeps wanting photos and interviews with the chickens. We felt like celebrities (...just without the fake tans and ‘omstrede’ videos).

Some of the featherless chickens busy to SUIT UP!

Things to do, people to rev at The-All-Bike-Race-Day

The chickens getting ready to march out for heat 1.

Scrutineering was a bit of a balls-up as the ladies class normally runs with pink numbers, but apparently down in CT black is the new pink?!? Came as a shock to us binnelanders! Luckily we could quickly sort out all the chickens’ number boards and all was happy again. Qualifying early in the morn I saw a few mjounteneers that was less than happy for the early morning sun lighting up the chrome. Apparently in Kaapstad, ‘early’ is about 9am.

Some of the coastal feathered ones nervously kloeking together.

We had some spectacular brolly-babes! I battled to see through the tears streaming down my face. That knee slider will never be the same again... Hehehe!

We had a few Cape-chickens that joined in the ladies class. Lekker to see how excited the coastal chickens got. Heat 1 ended with Nicole 1st, Wilms putting in some wrist grease for a 2nd, JD in 3rd, Loumari 4th. Then we had Cindy as our rookie for the day. She was on a Honda 250 and teaching the rest of us a lesson on unstoppableness. There was no holding back for this chicken!

Some of the actions shots:

There’s this chicane that they prop in before the main straight. It’s to break your speed before hitting full throttle and avoiding a ‘Pink Floyd’ aka THE WALL. But the plastic cones are so close to one another and then there’s a little step/sidewalk on the inside. Target fixation...!!!

In heat 2 we had a proper battle between Pips and I! Into corner 2, I saw something very familiar on my inside and was wondering if I was having an out-of-body experience, until I realized it was Billy-Bob ( other Bike) with Pips in the saddle bumping me out.

First thoughts was that I was gonna give her a piece of my mind at the end of this heat. What...?!? Riding my Billy-Bob like that and then getting this close to me!!! But first things first and I had to beat her back into submission. Easier said than done though...

BUMP! That’s me at the back giving way to a ‘pushy’ friend.

Taking the reins back.

Not for long...TAG, YOU’RE IT!

And finally I broke away from her magic spell

Out of somewhere Pop-i had her spinach that morning and we were having a go at one another into every corner. Maybe she thought we were practicing Indian-trial or something, but I just could not shake her? She found gaps on my inside where I didn’t even see tar? It was a close call, but I eventually ran away to take the line before her... just!

The Ladies’ final score:

The race day was over and the last of the rubber got burned

We stayed for prize giving and while some quickly applied a layer of make-up, others didn’t know when to stop.

Justin, Tarryn and her support crew.

Wilms, JD and Sean

Loumari and sus

JD looking back on 2010 with fondness.

Capies – we’ll see you again next year! Thanks for the invite and the mountains of fun we had!


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