TG Newsletter: OPPI HOEK

Oppi Hoek

(25 June 2011)

Griet is back in his stable and my bum’s itching for a ride. With all good intentions – I had to go choose the ys-piepie-koudste day of the year! I was dead set on my ride and Justin just shook his head. What is that saying about biker chickens? Something about a trollie and not being on it?!?

We came…


We ran back inside!

Having a middle name like ‘Harregat’ - all was not lost. Still geared-up, we mounted our bakkie and headed to the roadhouse for hot-choc, slap-tjips and burgers. This winter my ass seems to be growing faster than the temperature can drop.

Our waitress seemed a bit bang. I guess trying to show off on my knee-down skills didn’t impress her as much as I thought it would?!?

From there we took corner 1, 8 and 12 with HEATED passion and ended our eventful ride at OPPI HOEK!

We dopped (responsibly)…

We danced (like white chixs)…

We sang (like Dozi)…

And we STILL froze (…like INTENSELY man!) – note how the facial expression changed back to something very similar to first thing in da morning.

Ma se kinjers… I’m still defrosting. And in da words of Jack Parrow – Awê!


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