Forkin Poes Rally

(5 - 6 February 2011)

I’m sitting in a penarie… As I’m not gonna race this year, what would I write about? I have a few hobbies but talking about my cup-&-saucer collection or writing about my jogging…

Jip, you know – that first kay was hard, I did it in 5:08, but the next kay was a bit…


I’m still not sure if I’ll continue this biking news bulletin, but at least I had something to scribble about for the month of Feb.

At last minute I decided to go have a dop at ‘the-rally-we-cannot-mention’. It’s a ‘by-invite’ only rally & my favorite by far! I really like the smaller rallies where you actually meet, greet & chat to everybody there. The rally was at Cookhouse just this side of PE – about 950 clicks one way. Probably the furtherest I’ve gone out of my way to have a beer…

I decided the night before that I’m gonna take on the big trek & got my sleeping bag, toothbrush & camera ready. All a chicken needs! Someone else over there would have toothpaste & if all else fails – there’s always Jack Daniels! I gapsed Jimis’s Buell & seeing as the last time that engine turned over, he had a crash with it… I was just blerrie gritting my teeth in hope that the bike would make the whole trip. But there was only one way to find out?!? I started the bike at 4am on Saturday morn & headed to the nearest juice-shop to fill up. However… the fuel light would still not go out??? The bike was also giving a few hoesies in 1st & 2nd gear, but I decided… it’s a Buell – it’s what they do! Right…?

Some companions along the way, reminding me what rally I was heading to:

There was quite a few stop-&-go’s along the way, but these actually gave me a few minutes to relax as I barreled down the main roads… driven by the smell of Miller’s & good friends (…not that Charley’s leathers smells that good after all these years, but at least you can’t miss them)!

I made a quick stop at Cradock & sommer had a small Steers burger on the sypaadjie, before saddling up for the last 50kay stretch.

I had good weather all the way down & saw all our rivers bursting to the brim.

7 Kays to destination & there was a big DONDER storm & rain poured down right above the hotel. Dammit – soaked! As I pulled my helmet off – this is what the heavens laughed back at me

The site… to beer-hold

The usual criminals were there, testing the dop. Apparently it was ALL GOOD!

Charley & Thomas spending time stroking the ‘rally’

They sommer also worked in a launch for the new ZX10 – awesome machine! Though they changed some specs for the Eastern Cape edition – it seems to be working for them… the thing is bleddie unstoppable

Just to proof to everybody that Charley was actually awake during most of this rally…

Cause this is the usual Charley posture… HAPPY B-DAY CHARLES!!!

I kiepped on the stoep behind one of the bikes & woke up to see the sun rise over the vlaktes. This is how life should be!!!

Howie asked me to join them on the ride back & I quickly hunted down that toothpaste I needed, splashed water on the cheeks & was ready to roll.

It was cloudy all the way home with light drops every now & then. Still beautiful & serene though!

Howie took us to the longest road/rail bridge in the southern hemisphere

We traversed some more stop-&-go’s with parts of the roads flooded under water. We made good time & road into the city-of-all-evil with the sun welcoming us back.

Lekker trip – lekker beer! 12 More months, then we do it AGAIN!


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