TG Newsletter: CHILLI KNICKERS RUN (2009)

Chilli Knickers Run 2009

(29 - 30 August 2009)

And so we tempted this very dangerous expedition, again... We had 25 peeps confirmed this time round. We made a slight change in invites as only chickens got invited, BUT... they could bring along any ONE person; be it their cousin, sister, brother, uncle twice removed (...though I start wondering why they had to remove him – TWICE?!?). We met up at Tank Girls for a quick cuppa & ‘hello’ as not all the chickens were known to the coop. We even had a TB marshal escorting us to the highway! Emergency ligte & all!!! We took a slow stroll out of Jo’burg & by the time we were past the Bermuda-Triangle (...Benoni, Boksburg & Brakpan) Justin signaled that he was going flying. And zooooooom... off goes all the chickens!!! Hot on the rooster’s tail... I stayed with Simone & Angel70 – we just wanted to make sure our back-up lorrie didn’t get lost. Simone did start flapping her arms when we got to 140kays/h. Still wondering about that one, hey...?!? We caught up with Kokkie on her Boulevard tapping off... tapping off. By the time I was next to her – she nearly grabbed my arm, rubbing my nose in her petrol cap. I assumed she was low on petrol. Good assumption! She wanted to turn around back to Jo’ies for juice, but I signaled her to tuck in behind me. Cruising past Rossi, whom I thought was taking a smoke break – just to later find out, it was actually her boney’s lungs that was getting full of tar! Mister Taz-my-ass picked up the Rossi & joined us just annerkant Witbank for breakfast. Michelle; pretending to not notice the undercover-long-haired cockerel steeling her limelight.

Angel70, Slowpoke & Ventertjie – WAAS DIE KOS?!?

Simone: Tjirre julle – I swear, I nearly took off!

Capie, Dries & Sonja – julle sallie glo nie, maar hierdie chix kan ry hoor!

Uittog uit Shell: Are we ducks or chickens, cause we lined up so nicely in formation... Ventertjie – tu, tu, tu! Wat kyk julle? Kry nou julle ry!

At our second stop, Justin had to catch Carina as she had no idea where Milly’s was. We also had to wait for the vinnige ouens who ran into a juice problem as well. Rossi; in not such a lekker mood having to take up a bucket seat in the lorrie instead of enjoying the goggas on her visor.


We descended down the pass just the other side of Machadodorp. By this time, I asked Taz to keep an eye on the browsing chickens & tucked in behind Justin. Capie & Dries hot on my heals, we dived into the first corner. Ek gat nou ‘n groot woord gebruik, maar ek moet... Sjit!!!!!!!!!!!! No one expected the first corner to gooi so toit to the right. As I saw Justin disappear behind the mountain, I saw a scene of CKR 2008 flashing back in my mind. This was hanging on time! I lifted my knee as I’ve never taken Tonto this low before. I’m still skropping out the marks in my Tomboi’s... We slowed down a bit & enjoyed the rest of the pass. As I understand, we had another chicken trying to impress the rest with her stopping abilities, playing ‘chicken’ with the barriers. But we all got down in one piece. As we stopped at the t-junction at the bottom, thinking we’re gonna wait a while for the rest of the chickens, the ZX14 pulls in! NO WAY!!! Chickens can’t fly?!? Michelle showed us what one small lady can do with a monster of a bike thru the pass. RESPECT! The above mentioned chicken – almost like KFC, just quicker.

Not long & Ellamarie & hubby pitched & even the Boulevard was not far behind! And with luck, ChrissieB joined up with us from Barberton at the same spot. Watch it chickens – there’s a dog behind you! It’s ‘barking’...

Jislaaikit – het julle gesien hoe hoog was dit daar af???

Ventertjie was looking for a pleister... her liefie had an eina! As ‘n voeltjie op jou afduik – KOES!

Ellamarie must have one of the most awesome looking wheels! ...AND, she can ride it!

Eendjies, eendjies, staan in ‘n ry... Een, twee, drie, vier daar fokof hulle verby!

We mozied on to Barberton & enjoyed the rest of the afternoon having a dop & kuier. ChrissieB & Mario has an awesome guesthouse in an awesome town. The weather was fantastic – summer in a day!

Some work being done on Rossi’s bike.

Later that evening…

Reserved… for bigger things to come?

Michael Jackson was in da house!

The next day most of the peeps headed home. Myself, Justin, Ventertjie & Carina stayed on for one more day. Mario & Chrissie took us on a tour to Nelspruit (...thru one HECTIC pass), to Kaapmuiden & up a small twee-spoor cement road to this little gold-mine town in the mountains to enjoy a cold one in the bar. We were going so slow, I think Ventertjie almost lost her balance...! We kuiered till VERY late that night talking all kinds of stront.

What an awesome weekend! Watch this space cause next year we’re going back. Screw the 2010 – there’s passes to conquer! CKR 2010 – maak spasie – ons kom in!


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