Regional 600cc Ladies Race

27 April 2010

Kyalami Raceway

This is a short one, as I’m too miserable to be funny…

Well… so much for trying to keep the rubber side afloat…

Came down at the bowl (…bottom of the mine shaft). I was going so slowly!!!

We sat around the whole day, waiting for ANYTHING to happen. They cancelled the qualifying, then they cancelled heat 1 and added 4 laps to the only heat they’d have. Then they took the extra laps away again…

I was jumping between dry and wet tyres the whole day (…at least I now know how to change a tyre – properly!). When we finally went out (…the last class for the day), it was sous-ing again. Some of the chickens didn’t start and some did the two scouting laps before pulling out. It was like snot out there!!! I think these chickens very wise now…

We completed the first lap – no probs. On the second lap at sunset, Katula took a dive before me. It was hard breaking again to try and avoid her bike. Slipping all over the show, I didn’t think I’d stay up… Made it through between her and her bike and slowed down to crawling pace.

In the straight, I saw Wilms pulling out. Her bike just died on her. Probably had enough swimming lessons for the day…

Next lap at the bowl, Janine jumped into the pool as well. I slowed down even more and decided lying in 9th is not actually that bad.

Little did I know…?!?

Lap 3 and I came walking around the bowl. As I started picking up the bike – BAM!!!

I still turned on my stomach sliding down the tar to check if there was anyone behind me. Stopped, got up, ran to the bike, picked it up and wanted to be off again before someone came past. But… the marshal stopped me and pointed to the pool of golden syrup underneath my bike. Cracked open the cover, snapped the gear peg, broke the whole rear-set into smithereens, bent the clip-on and added a few holes to the body work.

1. R550-00 for the practice day

2. R800-00 for the race

3. R3000-00 for the wet tyres – DANKIE – DANKIE – DANKIE DEBS! I will make it up to ya – PROMISE!

4. R150-00 for fitting

5. Two whole days waiting...

6. Three laps later and I now own a piece of Kyalami as well!

I feel like a thank-you-speech after a nomination, but here goes anyway… I just have to say thanks to DEBS. She bought me a set of wets. I’m sorry that I could not make you proud in this race – I’ll try better in the next one…

Thanks moerse to Marius (…Jenice’s hubby). He was soooo patient with me, showing me how to take a tyre off and putting it back on again. Allowing me into that amazing tool box of his (…and I know how heilig guys are on their toys).

Thanks to Pieter (…Nienke’s boyf), jumping in and helping me with the tyres when he saw me struggling with some of the bolts.

Thanks to Kwaka for being my pitboy again. I will be at your next race to help!

Thanks to Tony, helping wherever he could. Him and Kwaka went to fetch the R6-tart next to the track at the end of the race.

Thanks for my Boetas – just being the best boetas EVER!

Okay… kick me off this stage now, will ya…………!


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