Regional 600cc Ladies Race

(13 November 2010)

...and welcome to the last race of the season!

The points standing was toit like toigers and this last race was gonna be the GREAT FINALE! To relax the nerves and settle the heavy breathing, some of the chickens decided to have dinner together the evening before the race. Probably to take advantage of ‘drugging’ the competition...

Back at the pits, things were running as normal. Chickens were:

Tying their shoe-laces...

Getting in touch with their spiritual Mister Sandman...

Shortening the chain on their pit-boys...

Singing kumbajaaaaa songs around campfires...

Taking advantage of the physically disabled...

Nixs (21) already bagged the 1st prize, but had to win this last race to end her a-ma-ziiiingwe season on a high note.

Michelle (13) came past early morning with a pap wiel, but got it inflated and took a well deserved 5th spot for the day.

Janine (79) had a crash the previous day during practice and her pops quickly had to put a whole new wardrobe onto the bike. Unfortunately... she lost it in corner 7 in the first heat and had to retire from the race. You know... these fast chickens can’t back down when they’ve had an ‘oeps’. It’s getting straight back into the saddle and winding it. I normally oeps in my pants and then my throttle gets stuck in the SHUT position!

JD (19) was just flaming!!! She’s lost something like 20kilograms (HER – not the bike). Flip... she’s one sexy chicken! She’s also sorted het suspension (THE BIKE’s – not hers) and everything just fell in place for her. She came second in every heat and was unstoppable!

Loumarie (17) also farmed on corner 1 during practice the day before, but she probably just knocked her mal-koppie back to a little bit (just a liiiiiitle bit) more normal. Our wild card came 4th for the day.

Wilms (88) had a really good last race – probably the sexy new man by her side. You could see her starry eyes around every corner! Helped her to snatch the 3rd spot.

The star of the day was probably Pips (24). She was booked to take my old R6 (Billy-Bob) through his old sprockets. We picked her up from the airport on Thursday and guess what came hobbling through the arrivals doors!?! Pips – ON CRUTCHES!!!

She broke her heel falling off a wall. We gave her one ‘test’ session on Friday to see if she would manage the gears and tuff as us biker chickens are – SHE DID! We strapped up her heel before every heat and propped her swollen foot into the boot. Best of all was, she was still bliksems vinnig!!! In heat one she came 8th, just on Veronika’s (77) heels (a chicken with WHOLE heels may I add).

Debra (29) gave us all a surprise on qualifying and looked like she was gonna give us a run for our money.

Nienke (72) and Jen (28) was standing their tar in their own battle. Watch Nienke next year – this chicken have just started getting marinated.

Lindi (69) and Judith (16) were trying to block the faster chickens from lapping the rest of the field (THANKS, sshhhhhht). These two have improved soooooo much since the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately the race ended with a bit of a bad taste. I had such a good first heat and was really proud of myself for keeping up the dice between me and Veronika. I had my heart set on a clear win in the second heat as well, but Veronika just had bigger balls than mine and took me on the OUTSIDE of corner 9 (the fast one at the end of the back straight). There was just not enough track left to fight back and we settled the score on one heat each for the last race.

But, every one did not live happily ever after.

In parc ferme, they called out JD and Veronika. Apparently the ‘licensed’ scrutineers did not mark their tyres the morning at scrutineering as they should have and these two ladies were disqualified by MSA on these grounds. The rest of the class felt that these ladies had a fair race; the right tires; took their bikes to scrutineering; ect. Thus the points as is in my report will not match those of MSA.

The guilty UN-MARKED tyre(d) bikes:

You buya da bike and we throwa in da crutches for FREE:

Good luck to all the chickens that’s up for ‘the fight’ next year again. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did this year. It was amazing to meet 23 other chickens that know what we go through: falling, crying, growing bigger balls and getting back on.

You chickens ROCKED 2010!

The FINAL points:

We have one friendly race still in Slaapstad on the 16th December at Killarney. Sl(k)apies – come join us for the day and check some chickens jaag around the mjountain track with stupendous speed. Entrance is 40 olifante. The pearly gates open at 07:00.


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