Regional 600cc Ladies Race

4 September 2010


Circuit racing... nail-biting-suspense! Gripping stuff, ek sê!

Though... sometimes NOT so gripping – yet still spectacular!

With 10 classes each having to complete one qualifying and two heats during the day, there’s quite a bit of lazing around during the day.

It’s summer and just so much nicer for racing. Our hands don’t freeze up and our asses actually willingly slide off the seats.


We started the morning with the usual scrutineering, transponders, etc. There were 15 chickens that entered for the day and we headed out for qualifying just after 9am. Some of the chickens showed their true fumes and made some serious lap times. Jen ran a 02:02 for the first time in her life! ...and Ketula was definitely not running with us middle-dogs anymore. From the grid, I placed myself on spot 11 for the day.

The event was AGAIN running late and some chickens took the time to make some adjustments to their bikes... YES JEN! I’m talking bout you here!!!

Sitting around doin’ nothing, the nerves start eating on your senings. This sometimes has the effect of making chickens do stupendous stuff. Jen pumped her tyres with an extra 0.25 bar and then some oke also changed her throttle reaction... ôh-ôh!


In heat 1, I pulled off in THIRD gear and managed myself into a ‘comfortable’ LAST spot into turn 1. I had some serious tar to make up and seeing as the agter-osse definitely ain’t slow anymore – this proved to be a big task. But also a blessing in disguise...

17 – Loumari

Just after Sunset coming up to Clubhouse we saw something going down ahead. As we came round the corner, that ‘something’ proved to be Jen. There was dust all over the track and you couldn’t see where the bike or rider was. Debs slowed down and crawled thru the cloud and I decided to cautiously follow her thru. Mid-cloud, there was a growl on my inside and Lindi fearlessly sped past. Come now Skinny – put ‘hem big girl panties on!

16 – Judith

They called us back to the grid and reduced our laps to 6. Ketula had a hiccup with her pony and was waving her arms franticly. Nobody seemed to notice and I was wondering how this start was gonna end. Just as the 30 seconds card went up, one of the marshals spotted Ketula doing ‘the robot’ and delayed the start. Ketula had to (...according to MSA’s golden rule book) move to the back of the grid, but I knew this was not gonna hold her off for long.

81 – Ketula

Debs had yet another good pull-off and I was struggling to find a gap past her. It didn’t take Ketula long to catch up to us and I decided to give the faster lady the opportunity to find a gap for us both. There were a few close calls, but Ketula made a hole on the inside and off she went. I hanged back for two corners and then took an opportunity when I thought Debs forgot about me behind her. I also decided to try a bit of different gearing thru some of the slower corners which made DragonFly bounce thru some as I came onto the gas just a little too overzealous for her liking. Though, we sorted out our differences and decided to fight the rest of the battle together.

36 – Melissa

I was lying in 9th spot and holding on to it for dear life, when I came round Wesbank and saw Veronika waking her 600 horses taking a snooze on the side of the track. For the second time this year, she fell on the last lap. Disheartening!

69 – Lindi

I had 8th for heat one and was very chuffed with it. Loumari did her first 600 race (...she normally competes in the SV class) and you could see her grin straight thru her tinted visor.

44 – Max

Report back from the medics was that Jen ripped her ligaments clean off the collarbone, but was more scared of injections than anything else. Long road to recovery maatjie!

29 – Debs


The day dragged on and we finally got let out of our pit cages by 04:30pm for our last heat. The chickens in us were snorting for some action.

77 – Veronika

We started with 13 on the grid (...Judith decided to rather attend to our broken winged chicken, Jen). This time my start was flawless, though I later heard that Janine did not take-off as usual. Apparently she sat there, cold chicken < looked down at the bike < looked at her dad at the pit wall < gave him a nod < and took off at the speed of light. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She came screaming past me at the mine-shaft and I almost thought we were on one of the rides at Gold Reef City.

47 – Skinny

Veronika (...deciding to stand in for absent Nienke that is our normal laat-slaper) was late for track entry and had to start from the pits. Ketula was in front of me after the start and I tried to play Startrek-Startrek and cling-on to her, but that lasted a FULL 2 corners! Dang chicken, you can move.

88 – Wilms

Concentrating on Rick’s MORE GASS, OFF THE BRAKES advise... I made a gap between me and Debs, but also lost some playing ground to Ketula in front. Doing a lonely 8 laps really plays on your emotions as you’re not always sure if you might be the only chicken still out on the track that missed a chequered flag somewhere down the straight. I finished in 7th feeling very happy with the day’s results. Well... that’s if you could still call it DAY?!? It was dark out already!!!

19 – JD

The chickens behind me have gained some serious ground during this year and the fight is probably more tuff at the back than in the front. Lindi, Max, Melissa and Judith were showing hoener-tande to each other on the track and they really impressed the crowd putting up a good show.

79 – Janine

Max dropped from a 02:23 the day before to a 02:13. Lindi had a throttle getting stuck and we considered leaving it like that... wheeeeee! Hehehe (...evil chuckle)!

13 – Michelle

Points standing:

21 – Nix

To ALL chickens!!!

If you wanna be the next Valentino Flossie – join us for next year’s racing. Contact me or Wilms for more details. We need fresh meat for the 2011 class and you don’t have to be on racing par yet - PROMISE. We’ll get you to a track for practice and that’s all you need. This is a development class and you can ask all the ladies that took part this year – it was a big phat djol!


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