Wild Dogs Track Day

(13 August 2011)

So… the honne, some chickens and a lady-NOT-called-chicken decided to do this tar thing they’ve heard so much about. Apparently it’s just like dirt and almost took as much engineering to create, but you can ride it.

This must have been a record breaking event with zee most duallies any track has ever seen! The pack trotted in and started plotting the route on their GPS’s. I saw overnight bags, survival packs and those klein gas cookers. These guys were prepared – made me worry about how far this track went out… I saw smoke on the horizon and was just hoping it wasn’t class A!

I pulled in with the donkey – Griet, and got bumped into A class. Malligheid, ne? I went back to the trailer and had a word with him… Griet… you know… about this vasbyt vermoeë. I told him this was gonna be the kind of stuff opgooi is made of, but that he couldn’t LET ME DOWN. We ‘scramblered’ onto the track and tested the mathematics, dip angles and sommer algebra while we were out there. We scraped almost every low-flying part. So much that it looked like I was dragging a box of Korean fireworks behind me!

The dogs amazed me! Obviously having lotsa dirt experiences, they’re NOT scared of going off the beaten track. I saw a few corners waar daar koek gesny is. Or maybe they just wanted to see if the soil were fertile…

They were leaning so far over on these massive horses that the earth tilted on its axes.

This pup went out in the A-CLASS!!!!! Griet could juuuuust keep up…

There was quite a few wyfies, but only two (…Malibu and Tank Girl) that I saw ridin’. But I know next time they’ll ALL be on the track cause most of them can properste kick my gaaia

Malibu decided that the Africa Twin they borrowed her with iets soos only 60kays on the clock, needed a new paint job and in true wild-chicken style took him for a dirt bath. She dipped too low and the foot peg said… hoezit! She was soon back up and galloping… on Mark’s Katoom. Move over mannemarak

Okay…Okay… I give up! You can have the Katoom.

Tank Girl looked a bit nervous, but later in the day – those jitters of hers turned to small excited Pronutro jumps.

Ooemph… uhgg… donk… clink… duhhhgg… ughuum… I meant to do that!!!

It was like a diet-for-ur-bike day… everybody lost some ‘weight’:

I also got the chance to take the Triumph 800 out on the track. Almost pulled the break too hard into the first corner… Griet doesn’t listen so lekker anymore and I have to talk HARD to him. This beast however, was there BEFORE me every time. I almost felt like I was just a pillion.

I’m sure I saw a pig crossing the road… wait… a PIG?!?

Some okes came with wings… nope – not the Honda type… and nope – NOT THAT TYPE EITHER!!! Sies man! They descended on us like delicate fat angels and tripled down the straights. Groenie was begging for a lift and seems like Santa had him on his X-mas wish list.

These dogs are slim honne – just look at this kontrêpsie for a tent… I’ve ordered one!!!

Groenie and Kilroy managed the local trem… the fuk-fuk. Fur on da dash, grass on da floor… People in Secunda would be jealous!




We stayed for some drinks and I wish I stayed over. They had a band and alles! Maybe next time, but will you let me come play if I put knobblies on Billy-Bob?!?


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