ADA Jamboree

(10 September 2011)

Hello - Long time no type...

I got invited to attend an ADA training weekend with the Africa Twin club. Not knowing if it was a sales weekend, a promo weekend, a rally weekend...??? I headed out to the ADA training center & what I found scared the blou wille beeste out of me! Judy said it would be a weekend ‘run’, but I didn’t know I actually had to bring my Nike’s?!? Luckily there was another event at the farm for some Asics jel’s angels & jogging was not on our agenda... Sjoooeweeee!

It was a team building djol for the Twinnies & then some basic skills training on STOF! The most I know about ‘stof’ is that pink powder I put on my cheeks. But Judy promised me that she would hold my hand through all the obstacles ( it with ear plugs & gloves).

AAAAAANDAG!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanna hear whun blip!

The instructors were tuff, PATIENT and helova entertaining! We started off with some basic team building games...

Excuse me, can you please pass me the banana?

Don’t worry JJ, we’ll teach these women how to walk a day in our shoes!

Maar myne het nie ‘n slinger nie???

And this is what happens when you get hi-jacked in Sandton...

We got split into 4 teams from here & had to complete a few tasks as quickly as possible with the least amount of faults. The best team would win a millll... oh... sorry that’s another game! It varied between doing the slowest moves to running between poles & quick swerving. Did I mention that this was all on STOF?

What do you mean ‘where’s my bike’?

Somewhere along the line, one of the teams lost a member & Johan offered to stand in. But having seen how Johan can gooi, we had to try & slow him down. You know that English saying about a monkey on the back...???

As we grew up, my mother always said we should stay away from sandpits. We always thought it was because they had worms or something...

Skinny, there’s ice cream over there, there, THERE!!!

And then the sandpit got a bit tuffer...

Don’t worry Ben! When the horses in this puppy ain't enuf – we’ll make these lasses do the work!

There was a jamboree course & some people made it look like little pink toffee apples with a dollop of breeze on the side...

Some of us needed more encouragement. Hey! It looks bliksems hoog when your at the top, okay!!!

We had a few stof pigs that just wanted to roll in the stuff...



...AND AWAY!!!

But we had to have a master jedy show us the propper dismount! Though... if your feet doesn’t touch the ground & you grip those handlebars blue, baby – it’s not called a ‘dismount’!

In honour of the QUEEN stof donkie – Lynn... Earthworms pray to her!!!

This lady – Toni – needs a special mention! For fearlessly getting on the back of a bike... & getting on the back of a bike... & getting on the back of a bike... & getting on the back of a bike, that has ploeged for the umpteenth time! It’s called LOVE man!!! Devoted!

Pips – they made me sleep in a Honda tent! I tried to zooi it for you, but they had it packed before I could wipe the sleep from mine oge...

The next morn we went on an outride. There are two old boer mines on the farm dating from 1900 that we went to inspect. The first was an open cast mine (...both they apparently mined lead for). The area is well known for its dolomite & the boer ossewa-ed the ore back to Krugerdorp on an old transport route. They must have really needed their ‘weapons of mass destruction’ back in the days. A team kiekie at the first mine:

You see! She still has the gloves on!!!

Struz Bob – I made it all the way out here on my own!!!

They had to bring in reinforcements to convince me of more ice cream... Horriepiep!!!

From a donkey to an ‘ass’!!! Hehehe!!!

At the second mine, Johan told me to ride into the mine on the Honda!!! Now, why didn’t they ever give me this job back at Sasol?!?

Underground – CHECK! Tail – CHECK! Fork...? FORK? Where’s my fork?!?!?

As I drove outa there, the dust settled but my spirit did not – I’LL BE BACK!


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