The Last Ladies Club Race For 2011

(26 November 2011)

Squeeeeezing in the last report for this year! Remember we only have one more year left – so... FLAT TAPS PAPPIE and make this ‘last year’ MERKWAARDIG!!!

I got Billy-Bob back with a brand spanking new suit, just in time for the last race of the season. It felt almost like an end-of-year fancy dress event.

I loaded Billy-Bob and Griet (...also sporting a spiekerish looking new pink waist coat) on the trailer and took off for Red Star.

As usual the club racing is full of fun, laughter and silliness. For the life of me I can’t remember what the end results were, but this just shows how much fun we had – IT DOESN’T MATTER dammit!

All I remember is that this chicken Candice won. A hoener out of nowhere that normally only rides ONE horse at a time; took the flag. I promise... she did bring it back after a while!

It was an awesome day and after heat one we almost started thinking that ‘heat’ meant someone was actually turning the sun to full volume. The chickens agreed to only do 6 lapse for the last heat. Much more do-able for us poegaai chickens dragging the back end in over the line.

Here Debs is getting a talking to... ’Remember, when you can smell fumes – you’re BEHIND someone!’

Yolanda, master-ess of da track controlling the ‘werf’ chickens.

Weliswaar, I again had one of my amazing starts and woekered to second spot before turn one.

But the rest of the gals were on my tail and every oeps I made someone slipped past.

Look at the nice jacket – just LOOK at the nice jacket!!! Billy-Bob is glowing...

In the second heat the chickens were showing each other tande. I think we all discovered our weg-trek-spiere and were biting at each others tail feathers. Even though some of us got plucked – the fun was still plenty-full.

There were dopsch after the race and again Red Star did not disappoint with price giving. It’s almost like a school prysuitdeling, but the parents/partners scream louder.

See ya all next year – keep it toit!

Nelspruit Toy-Run

(27 November 2011)

We went through to Nelspruit to join a regional toy-run. We wanted to experience how the plasies do it!

We made an early ‘bolt’ for the start only to find that we were the first peeps there.

Slowly the peeps started pulling it and even though the run is not nearly as big as the Gauteng one, I think they might have collected JUST as many toys!!!

These two chickens has a whole topbox filled with surprises.

Justin pointed this chicken on the right out to me and said that you were the lady that stopped to help him next to the road when the Buell did a usual... it VREKKED! I wanted to say fanx, but here it is on-line. DANKIE!

Some of the locals that got snapped.

They took us through town to one of the bike shops where they had a big markies tent and a Chipkins truck to haul the precious cargo away.

We had a few footloose supporters and I wasn’t too sure what the deal was with the family dressed in very little and no shoes. I hope you won the bet and collected more toys/money!

Hot on the heels of the kaalvoetklonkie was a lady in full suit. I see the word got out that skin-grafts don’t sweat. Nice one chicken!

Lots of chickens on their own wheels. Was glad I didn’t use analog, as I might have run out of film.

AANDAG – mars voort! The toy-truck is just over the next hill. *hip-hip-hip-hip*

A Koel chicken showing me the spirit.

Eendjies, eendjies...

The end venue slowly getting stamp vol.

2012 – we will take it by the handlebars and ride the tar off the road!


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