TG Newsletter: 3HR RACE & BIKE FEST

3 Hour Endurance Race

(19 May 2018)

The SuzuKittens were summonsed for the 3 Hour Endurance race held at Redstar Raceway.

We contemplated our attendance…


“Suzukitten, Suzukitten – does whatever a Suzukitten does”

Our sponsor was Suzuki South Africa, and our ride was the Suzuki SV650 named Stuart Little.

Stuart Little was given a spit&polish and offered to us with a full belly. But to make him feel belonged, we gave him a quick personalization.

Hannon knowns nothing about a makeover…

We heard something about an ‘inline’???


Our loyal feline-fans came to support. Even though the event was to start late afternoon, we still had some die-hard’s hanging around. The event was scheduled to start at 2pm, but only got underway at 3:30.

Christy watching the clock!

For the 3 Hour, you are only allowed 3 riders max. Nienke was going out first, then Chikita, and myself as the checker-taker.

For the first 6 months of the year, Redstar flows anti-clockwise. Some of us have never ridden the track that way around, and as there were no opportunity for practice – we just WINGed IT!

Nienke took a glance at the racing tips I left her on the tank…


…and she was off with a scratch!

By the time everybody lined up at the start, they realized that a 3 hour race starting at 3:30 would…


…end in the dark!

No time was wasted – GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Some people were ‘goooo-ing’ a bit too enthusiastically.

Turn one…

Turn two…

…and they were gone!

Racing against powerful 1000cc monsters left us deserted on the track, most of the time.

So we pick another rival – THE SUN!

It took a while to explain to the pit crew that they had to call us in with a t-shirt. NO PIT BOARDS!!! Women do not take orders. You do not shunt us around with words or numbers. But clothing on the other hand…………….

Christy’s eye still fixed to the clock!

Next up was Chikita. She had a staring match with mister Daylight.

Line dancing was still in full swing.

A quick rider change. That was the only change we needed. We weren’t on the track long enough for tyre changes, oil changes, or brake pad changes.

…though, as women, we could have changed our minds!

Freeze frame… Chikita & Nienke in unison, “THAT WAS AN OPTION?!?!?”

Luckily, we didn’t…

Chikita… she can even avoid a camera while racing!

Beam after beam was sinking behind the horison. Nerves built up, sweat started to trickle down our temples - could we take the line before uncle Sparky dropped behind his?

I jumped into my kit!

Line dancing – the biker version!

As Chikita entered the pits, the checkered-flag popped up!

Nienke watched with bated breath to see if I could pull off one last lap before the sun set.


It was getting dark, and while most bikers would fear not seeing the next corner – I like flying on instinct. ‘Instinct’; it’s like the more hopeful version of ‘extinct’.


We were OVER THE MOON (pun intended)!

There were only 7 teams in the race with 3 different classes. We were second in our class and seventh overall… but we beat the sun!!!

Wherever my stories take me, however dark and difficult the ride, there is always some hope, joy and jubilation, not because readers like happy endings, but because I am a romantic at heart. I know the sun will rise in the morning and bring with it 24 more hours to ride.

*Some photos taken by Tobias Lombaard*

South Africa Bike Festival

(25 – 27 May 2018)

It was May month again! That time of the year where we crunch everything that is lekker about biking into one event.

This event is held at Kyalami Race Track over three days. It might just be the most blissful place on earth for those 72 hours.

Bikers from all over the country book their tickets months in advance.

Therefor – I had to show face!


Most of the big brands had their bikes on display. You could look, feel, touch, sniff, and test the comfiness of each seat on your toesh. The staff was on hand to explain technical abilities and to wipe the drool off the displays.

They even had bikes that every little girl’s heart desire…


…like grub stuff and tipple stuff – LOTS OF IT! And into the mix you chuck in a music band or two pumping out lekker tjunes.


Lots of stalls with biking extras! From gear, to tyres, to trips, to the all essential tattoos.


A quick Q & A session with etvNEWS, apparently I’m newsworthy!?!

Nqobile asked for a lift to her next interview… I was sooo tempted, but I behaved! There was no dropping – not even a clutch.

“Hey wena! Was that Skinny with BOTH wheels on the ground??? Tsek!”


Somewhere during the day the loudness on the track increase 10 fold. It was racing time. The growls were coming from the SUPERGP 1000cc’s and 600cc’s. The screaming was coming from us cheering Nix on in the race.


People I know, people I’ve met, people I’ve ridden with, people I’ve raced with, people I know from nowhere, people I love, people I admire, people I inspire!


Mini bikes for mini people, the new Zontes bikes, and even electric bikes.


There was the ever popular and freakin’ nice boeties – the le Riche brothers. These guys are more comfortable on their bikes than you are in your tekkies.


I could tell you how skilled this man is, but until you’ve tried a switchback rolling burnout – and failed… you will not comprehend!

What would a motorcycle show be without a wheelie, a stoppie, and a burnout?


There was a good selection of bikes available to test ride on the race track. Not only could you ride a bike you could probably never afford, you could ride a track you would probably never get the opportunity to ride, AND you could showcase the skill you probably never had…

Some of the bikes being lasso-ed around the track

We got to test the piele – both the 401 and the 701

I was prodded to dice the marshal… it didn’t take much prodding!

We were the very last bikes on the track. They asked us to switch off the lights on the last lap.

…all can say is that we had a CRACKING good time!

*Some photos taken by Sven Slabbert of Sven & Taryn Photography*


3hr Endurance Race at Redstar Raceway, cut down to 2hrs - the shortest endurance we've ever had to endure. There was lots of time for silliness…


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