(27 – 29 May 2016)

Jip, I attended this show on ALL three days. At first I was wondering how I was going to keep myself entertained after day one? But how could bikes ever get boring?!?

On day one I attended the media launch of the track. Toby Venter bought the track and started fixing her up in 2015. Now was the first time the bikers of SA were allowed into the brand spanking new Kyalami race track.

Sometimes it pays to write the Tank Girls newsletter.

The media got to see the new KTM Duke GT (the touring version) AND… we got to take it out on the track.

If only… if only someone warned me!

  1. Going out on the track first, made it look like we took some dirt trail somewhere in Lesotho. The dust on the track from the construction made it slippery as slippers.

  2. Nobody told me a ‘touring’ bike had so much oomph. I was maybe a bit hard on the throttle.

  3. And as I settled up for corner two (trying to keep up with Dave Griffin); I took the corner wide heading for the apex and then gooi kole to head up to Fat Arnie’s. As I touched the apex and looked up - THERE WAS NO MORE RACE TRACK IN FRONT OF ME! The track has changed and corner two now turns in on itself. I gave the GT back with a ‘dent’ in the seat.

There were stalletjies-stalletjies-stalletjies with anything bike related.

Custom bike stands.

Custom boude stands.

On day two I spent most of the day at the adventure track. They had a short track out into the field where you could test ride all the adventure models and brands – FOR FREE!!!

Kraai took the KTM 1050 (her current dream bike) for a test and came back with little orange hearts in her eyes.

I don’t really like the big heavy stof donkies, but I really-really liked the Husky 701. Yum-yum!!!

It likes aiming for the stars!

I even tested a pizza delivery bike. I lost the pizza… and my reputation…

Morag Campbell was at the show. What an honour to meet the first SA lady to attend the international GS Challenge. AND an even bigger honour to teach her how to wheelie. She lifted her first ever front wheel – AND SHE HAD SPECTATORS! Well done chicken!

And of course she did it on a Ducati Scrambler – the bike of joy!

Ducati also bought the first piece of track at Sunset corner. One of the visitors obviously underestimated the 959 and took it for a dive in the kitty-litter; damaged both sides?!?

KTM giggling… it’s contagious!

On Sunday there was a mass ride in aid of an animal welfare society. Over 1 000 bikes took part and even got their 2 laps on Kyalami. Those cruisers were howling through the Bowl!

We absolutely loved the stunting. There were the crazy FMX guys.

First you jump…

Then you do some warm-up stretches…

When you reach 10 500mm height, you can undo your safety belt…

Then you extend your arms and start flapping them vigorously…

When you realize you are busy with your decent you scramble back to your seat…

Chicken or beef…?

But those safety belts can be tricky sometimes…

Then you have the le Riche brothers. I’m convinced these boeties were born on one wheel.

Eeeeack!!! A spider!!!

No Boet, don’t worry – you’ll make it!

Okay… maybe not?!?

The main man for me was Julien Welsch! International superbike stunter. I met him the week before and kept hap-ping him to let me be his stunt monkey for the show. He had all kinds of excuses about insurance, etc. But I nagged and nagged and nagged…

…and my nagging paid off!

After the show closed on Sunday and everybody was packing up. Julien called me over and told me to put my kletterpet on. I sat in front while he was doing slow wheelies and circles! Until the track marshals chased us off the track.


What a show! There were a few minor hick-ups especially with the food. I don’t think they anticipated that over 24 000 peeps were going to attend the show – so, they ran out of boeries!

But all in all, the show was a must attend.

  1. 124 Industry related exhibitors (from bike parts, to bike t-shirts and even bike tattoos)

  2. 16 Motorcycle manufacturers (Yoh! – it was pretty seeing all those bikes sparkling in the Kyalami sun)

  3. 20 Food trucks (though they ran low on Saturday – the food was flippen lekker)

  4. 13 Music bands (the show rocked!)

  5. Circuit test rides on the latest models (74 models to choose from). More than 2 500 visitors took test rides over the three days.

  6. A variety of insane stunters (Julien Welsch, Brian Capper, le Riche brothers, FMX crazy monkeys)

  7. Enduro / adventure ride outs were available over the surrounding lands for those who preferred an off-road and adventure experience.

  8. Pride of ownership classic motorcycle viewing deck with motorcycles dating 1990 and older.

  9. Custom Bike competition. These were judged by international master-builder, Mario Kyprianides.

  10. Charity mass ride with over 1 000 bikes.

  11. A pocket bike track for the kids.

If you missed it this year, don’t be a nanzy-panzy and miss it again. The 2017 dates will be made public later this year. Keep that weekend open AND SEE YA THERE!


My wheelies are getting better – I just need to practise more!!!


If you contribute to this poor unpaid journalist dreaming of being a stunter, I might be able to afford that new break lever and get my wheelies even higher! Just a thought…

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