TG Newsletter: WHORES 4 HAWS - 2014

Whores 4 HAWS

(17 August 2014)

“Ek spyker vir geld” …has no dog ever said!

On 17 August 2014 a whole flock of charity whores got together, dressed in whore-couture, ready to roll-out their cans… of dog food!

We organised a charity bike run in support of Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (HAWS)

HAWS provides welfare services for abandoned, neglected, stray and abused pets, farm animals and wildlife. They provide a home for up to 45 dogs and 25 cats, veterinary treatment for sick or injured animals, and a re-homing service.

So we started our ride at the street corner by Aureole, when we got invited for a coffee by Mike Puzey and his clan at Biker’s Warehouse.

Some of the participants showed off their whore-mones.

Apparently, you can teach old fleas new dogs…

Johan, our local Pimp-Pooch, was trying to make ‘hond haar af’ of the bike of his dreams.

Our charity extended to the swine family as well.

Hot diggety, them biaatches be like – where you do your shopping girl?

After lapping up a few cuppas, we rolled up our braziers and headed out to Harties to meet up with the true charity pups.

The gang of ho’s instilled fear in all the motorist. Okay… I’m taking their giggles as nervous twitching!

It’s hard to catch a flying-flooze!

At the T-junction we split up in the Tarmac-Tootsies that went straight to Cock-and-Bull for breakfast; and the Dirt-Dogs that first went to visit HAWS.

It was a short dirt road, but as per all dogs we first had to mark every corner and got lost a bit…

“All these poles have been marked already boys – let’s take the next road.”

“There! I see one that still needs a tipple!!!”

“Don’t worry guys… I got this one!”

“Ahah! I see one – me first! Me first!”

We finally found the spoor again and were back on track.

Michelle was slightly puzzled that the more advanced group of adventure riders, led by Leon, never overtook her and stayed closed on her stilettos?!?

At HAWS, Linda spoiled us with more coffee and introduced us to the needy children.

She took time to explain their adoption process, their needs and their objectives.

Michelle found a friend for Clarabelle…

…but after a howling discussion…

…we tore her away from his cage!

Dude, I can see boogers!

I didn’t feel cheap at all… steeling a kiss from an old man!

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. - Max Eastman

Let’s take that one…

…AND that one…

…and we have to have this one…

“Ma, hoeveel sakke hondekos is daar by die huis?”

I know you’re in there! I can hear the box of cookies…

When we look at these animals in cages, we might see a wistful sadness or existential angst. But this is just the reflection of our own yearning for ‘freedom’.

Who would be the caged prisoner… a dog saved from the street corner OR a prostitute still standing there?

To help, we handed over R2 500-00 in donations from the bikers; a few bags of food and toys and chews.

Paw Print Pet Cremation gave a bone… worth R5 000-00!

Hopefully all the furry-ones will find forever-homes soon and HAWS will have lots of empty cages.

Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative. - Mordecai Siegal

We took off to go join the other riders at Cock-and-Bull.

Just in time for breakfast!

We got a few last minute donations!

Hound??? Hound!?! I didn’t say ‘hound’… I wanted to know if you want another ROUND!

The three shaaisters!

We made doggies wag their tails; we made cagers smile, but the giggles came from us alone

How easy it is to turn a virgin into a whore, a saint into a sinner, a pure heart into evil. Should we not rather give dignity to what has been scorned, to love what has been disgraced, to care for those that have been discarded?

Every dog has its day… and today was a better day than yesterday!

Winners of the Biker’s Warehouse gift-packs:

Pikkie – best Cruella doggie scarer

Snow – best chicken whore (the pink see-through vest did it!)

Michelle – best next-level ho

Johan – best pimp dog

Charley – best male whore

*Just pop by Biker’s Warehouse to collect the packs from Kerry*

For any further donations – you can gooi a few coins here:

Account Name: HAWS

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Brits (052546)

Account Number: 033183074

…and if you even THINK of buying a puppy – I will come over there & tik you! There are more than enough animals waiting to find a good home.

Twist its ear!

Skinny YouTube: Skinny van Schalkwyk

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