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(20 March 2014)

If we see the beauty in yesterday, we will smile thinking of tomorrow.

This month…

I call bikers everywhere to take up the challenge of changing the world into a better place!

Looking at Zelda le Grange on her magnificent beast, trotting around the country; doing good and inspiring change in others’ lives – I WAS INSPIRED!

But I don’t have a 20 piece support crew, funds OR a magnificent beast…

Here I was, sitting Sannie-Verdriet at home without my Brom. His pacemaker needs a new battery and with that, I had no wheels. However would I get to change the world, if I can’t even change my tyre?

But goodwill is aansteeklik and quick as a spark-plug Louré and Johan’s hands went up.

Back-up-vehicle / Support / Camera crew sorted.


Johan offered me his maybe-not-so-beast-like, but one moerse pony for the ride: A Yamaha Bwiz. My dream bike when I was 16. Still a hooved one I wouldn’t mind having in my stable.

Destination: Mautse (a small township, next to a small town called Rosendal, lost between big Witteberge mountains)

I picked the Wizz up in Linden and set off on an epic journey… 400 kays to the Freestate!

Winding it down the road at 80 clicks, I decided to play it safe and take the shortest road – N1 highway. I didn’t get many enthusiastic waves from any of the other bikers on the road (guess a skoetoet is not worthy), but the cagers went mal. People were hanging out their windows, screaming, thumbs-up, taking kiekies.

I decided on a small detour to Parys for a cuppa and just as I turned off the hi-way, two cruisers and a superbike came past. The green one threw ankers and slowed down to ride next to me – all the way to Parys which was still 20 kays away. The three of them (Chris, Chrisjan and Koos) escorted me to a pub down the road and bought me a biker’s koffie, the flavour with bubbles…

But I had to val-in-die-pad, as I still had 300 kays to go.

Stopped for a quick bite for myself and the Wizz at Kroonstad, and a tannie asked me why I’m dressed so fancy. Told her that I was just being verspot. She smiled and said that it being Human Rights day, I had the right to be as verspot as I wanted to be! Ta!

Off to Senekal, but somewhere in between I had to stretch my legs…

The only spot I could find to fit the GPS was on the ‘nudge-bar’. Had to stand up to see it, but at the speed I was travelling there wasn’t all that much standing necessary.

At Senekal, the crew caught up to me and I decided to breathe some life into our last stretch.

First: A slukkie warm-up juice…

*please note that my stunting is getting there, but consuming liquids out of a bottle through a helmet – I haven’t mastered… yet*

We give to the world what we’d like to see reflected in it’s face. I like to see a smile, so I give it something to giggle about.

Everything is better when you’re wearing a tutu, especially when you show the world your derriere.

Ballerinas have positions… Bikers have gears!

Position 5 vs. Gear 1

This was more Dirty Dancing, but my moves were limited.

A barre is simply a rail to help you keep your balance when doing warm-ups. It should be at a comfortable height, just above (or at) your waist. SORTED!

We were going to stretch out a helping hand to the community of Mautse. So we had to make sure we knew what we were getting up to. STRETCCCCH!

I made it all the way to Rosendal with some light to spare. I call bonus points on that one!


The next day we went to meet the locals. Being a small scale community, they fitted right in with our small scale project.

My wheels were barely touching down or I had kids running and screaming down the road next to me. Isn’t it beautiful how Africa is always happy?


Limited on space and budget, we made a small drie-poot pot of pap, with some sheba on the side.

…and before long I was surrounded by stof covered little feet. Very interested in what was going on and checking if I would share?

Mme came to do a quality check – we got her approval.

The crowd kept on growing and the pot became smaller and smaller.

I can’t imagine that there was more than two cups of pap in the pot, but we probably fed around 20 tjokkertjies. If this was an entry to ‘Come Dine With Me’, I’m sure I would have scored an 8.

Every krummeltjie pap was cleaned out. Not one spoonful was wasted.

Even if this was just a taster, we knew that there was a few magies a little fuller for today.


Take a small can of paint. Add 20 smiling kids and mix with love.

I was still showing them some of my painting techniques, when…

…they decided vinger-verf was the latest app. Get with it auntie!

The kids quickly took control of the kwas and I had to resort to an even smaller ‘pot of paint’…

Having been in the signage industry for a few years – I don’t think I did too bad… Hehehe!

We went to call the mosadi from the hair-salon to inspect the signage installation. In there I met the nkgono having a spa day. What a beautiful woman, and I could only imagine that she would be even more beautiful after her special treatment.

The HEAD-mistress (pun intended) was more than happy with her new sign. A ‘sign’ that we don’t need a lot of money to be happy – in fact… the opposite.

be seen as successful riding around in an afslaankap, but you’re not all that important if you’re not handing out a pot – be it filled with pap OR paint.

I think Lerato-angel is hoping to one day take over the salon.


As I waved goodbye to my new friends, I left them with handfuls of swiets. A day is not complete without swiets!

What a truly inspirational day! We could not communicate with any of the kids, as they did not understand Afrikaans or English. Yet, it’s amazing what a smile can achieve. Kids just get it!

I left Mautse knowing that we did what we set out to do:

To kick start – to open throttle – to inspire endlessly!

We spent the rest of the day at Rosa Restaurant where Lientjie depleted Mexico’s tequila stash to ensure our happiness.

The next morning I stayed far away from large bodies of water. I did not want to test the possibility of osmosis on a human form.

After scraping me of the table, we had a cup of sensibility (this time the flavour without bubbles).

On my way home I remembered something that Jodi Picoult said.

Heroes don’t jump tall structures…

Heroes don’t wear capes (…though tutus are allowed)…

Heroes don’t stop weapons of mass destruction…

Heroes bleed, and they bruise, and their superpowers are simply listening, or loving. They are ordinary people who know that even when their own lives are knotted, they could untangle someone else’s. And maybe that one act could lead someone to rescue you right back!


This unbelievably trusty little pony is for sale. It is a Yamaha Big Wheel 100 (2009 model). When I stopped in the garage, there was 8 067 kays on the dash. This little boy is the pride and joy of Johan that has kept him in mint condition. Asking R10 750-00! Contact Johan on



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