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Cyprus... The Trip Continues

(24 - 29 September 2013)

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24 September 2013 - Tuesday

BRAAI DAY! We went in search of Tony in a town called KritouTera to bribe him to join us for a ‘braai’ at one of the restaurants. We got a bit lost in the narrow streets and at some point Oom Bob had to turn around as it was a dead-end. The roads are as broad as our bikes are long… and I watched as Oom Bob struggled to turn his horse.

Next up was me, until I found a bakkie filling the space behind me… There was no way the two of us would get past one another. I pulled up as close as possible to the wall, but the bike stalled and I moered over… Spectacular crashes *thumbs up*! Stupid slips *bloos*!

We found Tony’s house and I could sak my kop in skaamte into a glass of Pepsi.

The restaurant in Steni where we celebrated SA Heritage Day.

We ordered the souvlakia, which is braaied sosaties.

…and dessert was ICE-CREAM!

25 September 2013 – Wednesday

Oom Bob busy toit-ening the chain.

Today we decided to take another dirt track into the pine forests to Pera Vasa.

The two track road was obviously the playing field of the younger gods and they forgot their marbles there. It was bliksems slippery…

…next moment I saw Oom Bob cross the middel-mannetjie and then proceeded to do a near double flip. I would say, 8 degrees more and he would have landed on his feet again!

Luckily there was no serious damage to him (only a broken rib) or the bike and with a little tweak here and there, we were on our way again. I guess he just wanted to show this youngster exactly how to dismount a horse.

Here is the Venetian bridge at Kelefos that is over 500 years old. Call me Humpty…

On our way to Milikouri we found this foefie-slide that a farmer uses to get to the other side of the river to bring home ‘the bacon’… or in this case, probably just corn.

Milikouri, a whole village built on a seriously steep slope. I guess their cops doesn’t actually ask you to walk in a straight line, but to try and NOT roll down the mountain.

On my first day I saw the signs for a town called Kykkos, and since then I’ve tried to find this place of food.

Eventually we stopped there for lunch and I quickly took a peep at the monastery. They are very well known for their mosaic tile portraits.

I wanted to see if their glue holds better than mine… It does!

That evening we went over to Joanne to enjoy a well-deserved tekwiela!

Oom Bob had his first ever… it showed!

The two more experienced kwielers…

On our way home, we found that Superman already left the town… There were cats to save!

26 September 2013 - Thursday

Our day started off with Oom Bob filling the bikes with oil.

Today was KOEK day! We were going to a café (Extreme View) that serves the best cake in Paphos. The road snaked past a few smaller towns up to Episkopi.

We came across this ‘pass’ and Oom Bob almost fooled us in believing that we had to cross this mountain. Turns out to be the fire-break, though I still have no idea how they get anyone up there?

…and true as Aphrodite’s magical girdle – we found the BEST cheese cake EVER!

On our way back down, we stopped for a Cyprian coffee at the Spirit of Life café. Cyprian coffee is a bit more meel-erig, not as strong and has a bit more of a tjoklit flavour. I loved it!

The two chickens, waiting for their coffee.

Just before sundown, we went for a walk around the next town called Fyti.

In this town there are two ladies competing in the woven industry. They still weave with those old wooden machines. Flip – they still spindle their own gare!!!

The one auntie made us sit and have a pancake with honey… WOW! I can see Edgars with a pancake stand at the entrance, handing out free pancakes to customers… NOT!

A bit further down the street we found this man stoking Cyprian mampoer aka Zivania. If only he had a glass, I would have stayed there for a bit longer. Ag hel – I might have even slept there!

27 September 2013 - Friday

On Friday I did a quick stop at Kiri’s house, before I took the bike back down to Paphos.

He loved Africa so much in his years that he lived here, that he themed the whole house African. Even all the doors are hand-made from railway sleepers he brought in from SA.

I knocked on the door and was greeted with a, “Goeiemôre!”

Kiri was having breakfast, the fruit of Aphrodite - pomegranates!

He took me on a tour through the house, before I had to run to make it in time down to Paphos. Along the way, I stopped for a water break at Agios Dimitrianous…

After handing back my bike, I took a stroll down the Paphos beach front…

…before plonking myself down at the Keg waiting for my lift to the airport. Notice the Boerewors Rolls on the menu???

During my stay, we covered most of the western side of the island – all on bikes!

But it was time to head back home - Larnaka airport…

28 September 2013 - Saturday

Dubai airport…

29 September 2013 - Sunday

30 Hours of travel later, I arrived home to a BRAAI! I got the biggest tjop and a double shooter tekwiela!

Later that night I inspected my wounds from my stupid spill… The knee was still blue and there was no-way I could compete with Aphrodite KALLIPYGOS – the Aphrodite of the beautiful buttocks…

From broken to broken - and yet… untamed!

"Not knowing is half the fun," Aphrodite said, "Exquisitely painful isn't it? Not being sure who you love and who loves you."


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