The Three Adventures

(3, 9 & 24 February 2013)

Sooooo… after finding Geluk, I had to share it. And the best way was to share it with the two wheels underneath me. One day when I die, I want to know… brussel sprouts and roasties – what were you thinking?!? And of course… why isn’t there more days to ride your bike. Two every 5 days just ain’t cutting it!

RAD Adventure - Maraisburg

On 3 Feb I met up with the RAD Adventure team and they gave me a KTM690 for the day. We made our way to Maraisburg and met up with a few other adventurous sorts.

Andy explained that we would first go out to a veld and do some basic training. From there we would do a few short out rides and then go play on the mine dumps. Being a geologist… I kept my mouth shut!

Except for the mine dump in the back – this could be mistaken for some island vegetation.

The 690 is a lot smaller than what Tonto was, but I couldn’t touch the ground. “Easy… just slide to the one side and catch it.” The thing is… on off-road I don’t always PLAN on stopping! Which you will later see…

Heading out for the first veltie

Na-hah… don’t ride so close behind me! I don’t always give notice when I’m going down.

It might be narrow… but it ain’t straight!

Water crossings… some people are piepie scared of them. Cause there might be stuff under the water you can’t see.

What kind of stuff are you talking about… uvjhf… zsdfuyhghvx... DOEFF!!! *Glug-glug-glug*

Seems like that ‘stuff’ under the water eats little chickens! Back on the oewer and with fresh flippers on – we continued!

We went from tyre eating rocks…

…to mud munching slopes!

We stopped for a quick breather before heading to the dumps.

It looked like the Kolonade ice rink… just a bit drier!

The Englishman… that went up a hill…

Just wait till he tumbles ALL the way to the bottom, okay…

The spectators were awhhhhh-struck!

Some kept digging for a lost nugget.

The way back, we could choose a blue route that maybe had a shade of purple in it. OR… a red route that had flashing neon signs around it! The neon route took a few hostages… Andy had to be towed back. But what’s new about a KTM marking his territory???

Apparently BMW’s also don’t like lying on their heads – they get immense belly aches!

Ons het gedrink soos perde wat 3 dae laas water gesien het…

Hierdie was soveel pretons was uit ons velle!!!

Second up… well, actually… still 690-up was the

RAD Adventure – Sun Downer

We met most of the peeps at the BP garage on Willem-se-Nicole. I’m not too sure, but I think there was a toy run that same day, cause I just couldn’t imagine that all these bikers were there for the outride with RAD!?! There was something like 20 engines!!!

We did a hop-skip between tar and dirt all the way to the Brits channels and back.

Our fearless-veld-eater… Andy!

We were a bit ahead of the sun (…what’s new???), but we stopped along the way for a quick dop of the sober kind.

Why don’t they warn you about the seats on these 690’s??? I think I might have made two small imprints in the fearings, cause there weren’t no foam under my ass! I was so glad when I could finally lift my benoude boudjies off the bike.

Rookie went on his very first stof streep, having had the bike for a full 48hrs! After stretch one, he got off the bike with eyes bigger than his headlights. Rookie be the one on the left with the almost-smile.

Bronwyn and I shared tips on breast-plates!

At Fourways we stopped for a propperste sun-downer.

This was one of the best rides I’ve done in a while. There were awesome peeps, some old, some new, some talented, some brave! I’ll definitely give this one another shot – but we do need more chicken flesh out there…

The triple whammy was the…

MX Nationals

Dirt Bronco is just behind the farm… if you shoot straight over Breedtsnek that is. Is ek nie lucky nie… having these kinds of roads on my door-step? Sorry, but I just had to rub that in!

I flipped a coin (…for the children out there – it is these small alloy discs that are probably worth nothing to you). Vonk won the bet and I decided to take my brave young filly out of his stable.

I couldn’t convince him to lick some tar…

At the Bronx, Grant Foley invited me to his new losie - The Vision Racing KTM team!

This be the junior track…

…and then they grow up!

They jump little…

…so they can learn to fly!

The Baptiste looked relaxed before his race.

They line up…

…to squeeze toit…

…and hang in!

I told you they can fly!!!

The braai-master came a close second to the refreshments lady…


Witkop… I see you!

I had to beg the question… why are the MX supporters so sexy? There was not one vaal hoender at this event.

But… but… I’m sure this will fit on the back seat!!!

After a lekker day of JD, burgers and watching others stress about racing – I made my way home just before sunset.

Dirty, tired and GELUKKIG!


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