TG Newsletter: 24 HOUR RACE

2012 BikeSA 24 Hour Motorcycle Endurance

(Red G Superbike Mag Ladies Team)

(8 - 9 December 2012)

So we did a first… like in ever – ever – ever!!! For the first time ever in the whole wide world, an all chickens team took to the track for a full 24hrs and road the wheels off a bike.

Let me introduce you to this flock of ‘Angry Birds’!

Wendy Odendaal – the oh-so-quiet one! She has worked for Track-Daze before, thus we needed no qualification from her. In the middle of the night… she was still ALL smiles?!?

Deborah Senekal – the chicken with one less drumstick! She raced in the 2010 ladies class and decided she needed a bit more of a challenge this time round and thus went and broke her leg just before the race…

Michelle Leppan – Even if you marinated this chicken for a whole day… she would still be tough! She’s got serious multi-tasking skills… you know! One hand on the throttle and the other reigning in hubby to help with all the arrangements.

Nienke Ferguson – The Cordon bleu of all chickens! We love her… oh thank heavens – we love her! She didn’t play fair!!! She apologized up front for being full of nonsies. And how much nonsies, we would only find out later…

Charlene Pretorius – she just didn’t seem to ever even break a sweat? She did the 24hrs as if it was a warm-up lap for her next race.

JD du Rand – This is no chicken… this one is a bunny – the Eveready bunny!!! Lap after lap she kept running – ON TIME!

Then there was the pit crew: Danie de Waal Rossouw, Dirk Beekmann, Brandon Leppan, Keagan Leppan and Skinny (team manager).

Here we are caught red ‘G’ handed smooching with the main oke – Simon Fourie. What would the use of an all-girls team be if we weren’t allowed to pout???

We had amazing sponsors:

AutoAirCon; Bishops Auto Spares; Core Apparel; Eugene’s Digital Images; LiS; Ms. Seymour; MultiBev; Oil Treatment Systems; OMT; OTMAR Machine and Tools; PlacesAndPrices; RacePics; Shell; Superbike Magazine; Tinkwix Signage; WebKey Solutions; Wolhuter Engineering; Yamaha

red G

Did we mention red G??? They had a whole team come out there both days to support us. We had our own groupies!!!

Red G has also put down an offer to these chickens for a sponsorship for the 2013 race. They will sponsor the chickens a bike, tyres, etc.

We had support from all over… Here’s a chicken, Chrissie, all the way from Barberton – spent the whole two days there!

Our main aim was to finish… to conquer min slaap… to keep the bike up and ride it over the finish line 24hrs later. 37 Teams entered – we were the only team with a full set of nannas for every rider!

These chickens were organized, hey! Here’s the ‘cafeteria’… The snoepie tafel with a dedicated braai-master (…aka Paul) at our pout-and-call.

To make sure the chickens also got some rest between sessions we set up a sleeping camp far away from the track – ONLY sleeping allowed!

To start the day there was a parade around the track. We looked like the jool-koninginne… we even had the ‘screw-the-light-bulb-in’ wave down!

Though Bonzai’s wave demanded more respect… The competition was on!

The pit crew making sure all the glass-slippers fit.

Watse gat? Ek kry nie ‘n gat hier agter nie, Ounooi?!? Hoe groot is die gat?

While JD was doing her warm-up stretched for the le-HUNKS start…

…the rest of the jool koninginne cheered her on from behind the wall.

Dirk!!! Focus!!!

On the right – we have the bikes…

And on the left - there is the racers!

Ready??? Steady???


Which one is mine again???

Almost looked like an Edgars red hanger sale…


The good news… JD made it out alive!

While JD was performing well in our opening scene…

Nienke contemplated her first attack…

I want a boerewors-roll and it MUST be THIS long!

…and I demand some ketchup slapped on top!!!

…forget about the slap tjips!

You must make sure it’s a whole wheat broodjie!

Aagg sharrap and give me a hug!

The pits were fully packed with most teams having to share a stand.

This would be why our pit looked like a married couple’s bedroom… even with the line down the middle!

The pits got extremely busy during hand-overs… with fuel stops, rider changes, tyre changes, personality changes…

JD… chasing some tail!

The ‘next-up’ chair!

Chicken changes went smoothly. Grab the bike, front and back… gooi one chicken off… plonk a fresh chicken on… trap her into first gear and point her in the right direction!

Fuel stops were a bit trickier as the re-fueler had to have gloves, helmet and an anti-burn suit on. Keagan… practicing for his next job interview – at Shell!

While everybody else was still settling into a routine – the chickens were flame-grilling up the track.

Luckily the pit crew had lots of bewondering for each other.

There was nothing that would stop this crew – not even a missing exhaust! The girls came in one after another complaining that the bike was making one mur-ofa-noise. Then JD remembered that something fell off on corner one. On closer inspection we found the end piece was gone.

We had a whole extra R6 on standby for spares, but it daren’t had the same set-up. We beg… we pleaded… we sent out a search party… In the mean time we asked the girls to gear up quicker and not let the bike run up to full revs. This slowed us down to just above 30th spot.

Bonzai’s team had to pull out and she then agreed that we could use her slip-on. The pit crew quickly did a slip-off of the slip-on… but ohhh weee… the connector pipe was too long.

After a short dink-skrum with oom Willem we decided that there was no danger in riding flat taps and we sent the chickens out with orders to fully twist the ear again!

It was getting dark and we had to make up for lost laps…

…one… by… one…

…we reeled them in! Spot 29…

Down to spot 28…

Watch us… team 26!

There were spot lights on every apex, but through the night some of the generators lost their oemph and the track at the back became eerily darker.

This is our chicken!!! Here she comes!!! She’s the one on the left……… I think???


By the next morn everybody started to look a little worse for wear…

And as the last hours dragged on we battled to keep our eyes open.

Some teams dragged their tyre(d) bodies along… hoping to see the last hour through.

Make the bad bike go away!!!

Spending a full 24hrs keeping 6 chickens awake, happy and focused, they still amazed me with having the energy to smile for the ever present media!

By the final half hour we had clawed our way up to 22nd position! Debs had to bring us in for the last session. We were one lap in front of team 23 – the Tarmac Terrorists… It was gonna be claw biting stuff!

As Simon waved the checkered flag, we waited in suspense to see who would come around the last corner first…

Team illiterate steamed over the finish line first – 24hrs DONE!

But Debs didn’t disappoint and broke over the line, finishing us off in a confirmed 22nd spot

Ons was uit ons hoenner-velle!!!

Never did we expect to do this well. These chickens impressed me no-end. Here is THE machine – it kept rollin’ and ‘cept for the pipes, it did not give us one hic-up.

We’ll… maybe one *hic* - but that was only after the race…

After the race there was prize giving, but the chickens quickly ran behind the scenes and changed into something a bit more comfortable. We only had 5 minutes – never tell me women take long to dress up again, okay!!!

24 Hours of racing and still looking like a kapokkie!

They maybe rode their legs shorter, but their nannas were still inflated!


I still get a smile on my bakkies when I think of what you’ve achieved. Taking on a challenge and never standing down.

I wasn’t planning on a newsletter soon again, but the red G team is really good at making a fire (…and then putting it out again – very efficiently may I add) under your aaa… bum!


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