(23 November 2012)

Heading out to Groot Marico has always been with some excitement… to taste a truly Afrikaans DOPMAMPOER!!!

Heavenly flavours… that takes you straight to hel! A juice that makes soet meisies stout, and stout meisies onmoontlik. I needed to go find out where I fall (…or stand) in this classification…

We booked a chalet at Riverstill next to the river and headed out at 3pm on Friday.


With not much to see en-route we soaked up as much adventure as possible. That didn’t take long…

With not being on a bike for 2 months, my road rules book must have gathered a bit of dust. I have 3 golden rules NOT to get fined:

1. Don’t get spotted (…hide behind big trucks or bakkies)

2. If spotted, pretend that you are looking intensely at something wrong on the ‘other’ side of your bike.

3. If all else fails… stop, kill the engine, take of your helmet, flip your hair and smile the most gorgeous smile EVER!

These guys were moerse friendly and more interested in buying Griet… I considered the offer but still had to get to Groot Marico.

Just to make sure I was still on the right road…

On the other side of Swartruggens we ran into a street party!!! Woop-woop! Just as I was about to join the line dancing, a guy grabbed me by the arm, pulled me back and said I would probably be a bit safer on this side of the police vans?!? Being one of the most expensive tolls in good old potholed SA, our less privileged citizens were showing their disapproval by blocking all the traffic. Which made sense… actually – it did not! This while all the toppies in their big 4 x 4’s were moaning like koo-girls for being held up??? I decided to join my own protest… A-whe!

For perseverance – we got through this toll FOR FREE!!!

And made it to Groot Ma(mpoe)rico before dark.

The next day we had to drop by oom Johan to taste some of his vrot-vruggies.

This one he calls SUNLIGHT LIQUID (...tastes like cutex-remover)!

We drowned our sorrows in at least four different flavours of cutex-remover…

Naartjie *glug*… Bessie *glug*… Pepperment *glug*


Back at Riverstill we kept walking in circles???

In our very braaf state, Louré ripped out his camera and called PHOTO SHOOT!!!

Griet was a bit shy and lost all his sparkle. A twist here and a knyp there and we had his confidence back on track…

…just as our friends decided to give us a demonstration of how we should push-start the bike!

Don’t leave… we were just ‘horsing’ around!

Then be like that… we won’t help you out again!

Okaaaay… maybe not that guy – but I will!

Can I yelp…? Can I yelp? How about I pick this one up???

Getting down to the river was interesting, beautiful and slippery as hell!

Stoot hom nog biki terug… Nog biki…! NOG!!!

A touch of lippie and siedaar! PRINCESS!!!

WARNING! When leaning back on a bike that has just been switched off – there might be some extremely ggggHOT parts… Who said modelling isn’t dangerous? Ppppppfffflip!!!

Bella Bleau enjoyed the camera!

A pose…

…that was re-suggested! Apparently the lighting at this angle was a lot better…


Some of the better kiekies

Then even Griet started making some suggestions…!?!

Sheik Skinny… heading back for some much needed Jack-loving!

Back at the campsite we took the canoe out for a spin. I’ve never been a good pillion…

After a few wobbles, I started enjoying this floating feeling – almost like riding a Honda…

We decided to test SWINGING!


Okaaay – Johan won the swinging contest! Hands-down… and feet-up!

Back at the chalet is was time for potjiekos. Checking my crip notes…

We were told there were some of the finest herbs growing wild in the garden, but we decided to stick to rys, vleis and aartappels

Sunday morning was a lazy laag-lê day…

Jacques brew us some garden-made tee with lavender, spearmint and honey from the farm. Promise – it’s ONLY lavender!

I took a last spin to check if Griet was still full of nonsies

…and we headed HOME!

If my own farm wasn’t so darn beautiful – I would have stayed!


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