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The RAD MOTO Off-Road Woman's Day

(16 September 2012)

I was soooooo gonna show the world what little Vonkie could do on the MX track. But he heard a small tremble in my voice when I said; ‘Kom ons vat hulle Flaffie!’

No gooooo! I tried in vain to spark his attention, but after he gave his last hoes, I knew he chickened out. I had to hop over on Griet & decided even if I could only go & watch – it would still be great. By now I was a wee bit late, but thought the tjeekens wouldn’t mind.

I turned off the tar onto the dirt to Terra Topia & in the distance I could see a commotion that looked a bit like a mini OppiKoppi? Still wondering what was happening down there when it hit me… Ya – the thought too, but first the bug on the tip of my nose. Eina!!!

All these tents & gazebos were for US – the chickens!!! Wowzer!!! There were more than 100 ladies that pitched up. Still trying to fight against the images of mud fights, oil & grease… Cindy pointed & started laughing, ‘…jy gaan jou gat sien!’

No – no – no!!! Griet is a Lipizzaner – all neat, clean with his main in a bow. No dirt for Griet…

Everywhere there were small clucks of chickens staring contently at another chicken waving her arms. Class had already begun…

The day was split up into various sections that the ladies chose to pre-enter.

Class 1: Junior MX chickens (…trained by Brittany Cuthbert)

Brittany getting ready. We like the decals on the bakkie!!!

This little monster is only 6 years old!

Their hearts might be small, but it’s prop vol binnegoed.

Class 2: New chickens

There was a complete ‘what is that thingy that does that other clicky sound’ class. This was for ladies who don’t have their own bikes & most have never ridden a dirt bike – in like – EVA! The bikes were kindly sponsored for the day by Puzey & around 30 ladies turned up to give dirt biking a go. Definitely more chickens than what I saw at the cooking classes last week…

This section was managed by Danni Lailvaux & he had help from Mike Puzey , Keryn Ehlers, Russel Sawyer, Jon Samuelson & Keegan Sawyer.

FMX lady (LADY?!? LADY??? Who typed this?) Keryn Ehlers taking chickens through getting started before they jumped onto the Puzey bikes.

…& they’re off!

This side would be the clutch…

Class 3: Novice MX chickens (…trained by ADA academy trainers)

The ADA Academy doing their beginner training low down on the MX start straight with Johan Grey.

Liecks… regs… liecks… regs!!!

Regs-medri-af-masjeer – OMKEER!

The female-impersonator trainer, impersonating a chicken saddling up...

Class 4: Intermediate MX chickens (…trained by Nanda Swiegers)

…& they weren’t scared off?!? Nanda is a MX CHICKEN (…had to pay respect there & write it in capitals) that will go down as an SA legend!

The legend is the one on the left…

Class 5: Advanced MX chickens (…trained by National MX1 Camp – Richard van der Westhuizen)

‘Now… don’t do as I say – DO AS I DO!’

‘You see that flag over theeeeeere…? Last one there is a vrot eier!’

Trying to catch these fast chickens on film turned out more trying than expected…

So I roped in a kiekie-taker that knows his stuff! Yeah-yeah, I cheated but his pics are just sooooo much better. I fladdered my eyelashes & promised to tell the world that – these kiekies doesn’t come from me. …& I was SO gonna wing it!

Link to his website is:

Link to his FB Page is:

I got a chicken!!! I got a chicken too!!!

The chicken theme song playing in the back ground… *I believe I can fly…!!!*

What was that about flying?!?

Class 6: Advanced Enduro chickens (…trained by the first lady to complete the Roof-Of-Africa – LET’S HEAR IT FOR… Toni Jardine)

Class 7: Intermediate Enduro chickens (…trained by Kirsten Landman)

The massive group of enduro ladies getting ready for their long out ride.

Class 8: Novice Enduro chickens (…trained by Natasha Rugani)

Class 9: Quad chickens (…led by Des Roome & coached by Annelise Boshoff)

Okay… maybe not this chicken – but there was a quad class – PROMISE!

There were just 2 injuries on the day, which were nothing major & the one “crasher” even got a Mangwanani day spa voucher for her spectacular get off.

Hoenners tjank nie… ons is tuff!

I sneaked in a paparazzi photo of Toni

Before training…

After training!!!

The laadd... bwahahaha!!! Wait – I’m gonna say this with a straight face! The ladddy... hehehehe!!! I give up – here’s mal-trap Keryn… getting a taste of biking!

Wouna – *SNAP* Good taste girrrjl!

So many sound bites… so little space!

‘And then… and then… then there was this beeeeeeg hump… and then… gmuph!’

The chickens getting low & dirty!

L’earner… we never stop chieck!

Joy-ride took on a whole new meaning… & a few experimental octaves!

The purpose of the day was to bring all women dirt bike riders together & with a bit of help from some of SA’s best riders, help them realise their full potential. It also allowed the ladies to network & form riding groups where they can continue to enjoy dirt biking amongst ladies of the same ability. The ultimate intention is also to move the ladies from a social riding environment into a competitive one.

There were some amazing prizes which were given out to the ladies, including some high quality products from Samsung worth several thousand rand.

The response was so great from the ladies that Matthew Phelps & his company, Intertherm, has offered to pay for all the entries, licences & medical cover for any new lady riders at the next regional MX race at Dirt Bronco on the 13th of October.

MXSA will be planning a smaller day later in the year, so look out for the press release soon. In following on from the ladies day, MXSA has launched a training initiative called “Diamonds & Dust”, which will be launched in October.

What a turn-out! What an amazing day! Bet YOU won’t miss the next one, hé?

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