Zwartkops Racing

(11 August 2012)

A sad day…

A day of racing - & all I could do was watch!

On 11 August, Zwartkops had the Extreme Festival. In the battle of the bands, I found my new fav band – ISO!!! But back to my reason for the visit… the wheels!!! There was old & new. These were new…

I trapped around until I found the chickens in their coup.

Just in time as well, as they started kitting up for the last heat.

‘Okay, you pull her ponytail & I’ll slip past without her noticing’

The ladies stepped out in their Jimmy Stones!

There were 7 chickens in the Brunch Run class, with a total of 27 entries for the whole class.

In 7th place:

Lisl Viljoen (28)

Awesome suit chicken – I WANT ONE!

…and just in case you have the shortest memory in human history – one more time. It’s LISL!

In 6th spot:

Wendy Odendaal (171)

In 5th position:

Deborah Senekal (129)

She had a crash a few weeks ago & it seems to still be rattlin’ her bones. But we know - she’ll be back!

Waar’s my mousterbike?

In 4th:

Charlene Pretorius (211)

Just call me Captain Charlene!

3rd spot goes to:

Lindi Lombaard (69)

This chicken has a way of taking the most beaut kiekies. Just look!!!

A crazy 2nd goes to:

Nienke Ferguson (72)

Nienke testing Debs’ breast plate. Apparently it has ample protection against all known gevare! Though we’re not sure about those socks???

She even gave the men a good run for their money.

Drrrrum rrrrroll – First place went to:

Shireen Botha (999)

She must have turned the devil on his head, cause she jaaged the blou wille walms out of this track.

In the ‘vinniger’ class was Wilms, our only chicken. She hasn’t been bike racing for a while. But she showed the spectators that racing never leaves your veins.

Apparently there was a loooong queue at the bar…

Nienke took every opportunity to do some promo. Who’s this Places And Prices again?

Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg (18)

Jaag hom Queen, jaag hom!

They had some tough comp!

And some decided to take the lesser tried race line…

In parc ferme… of is dit die hoenderhok?

The ladies took to the stelasie!

Here’s the Brunch Run class…

And here’s the supreme beings… *I hear the sound of the Superman song*

Some bikes were disqualified! Hi-octane…

Naahhh, it’s just a scratch!

And if the racing where not your thing, these chickens could still get your heart RACING!

Crew off…

After the racing, there was some serious re-fuelling!

Dammit – can I not get a bad kiekie of this girl?

Prize giving – thank heavens it was not a beauty contest!

Please check if you can see BOTH Nienke’s hands?

Spunky pop claiming number 1

Nienke, 70… 70…!!! Really?!?

I guess the guys in the back was checking out the… umhmmm… trophies?!?

One last kiekie before I took off…

Maybe… just maybe, I will race in the last event of this year. Hou duim vas!!!


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