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(29 July 2012)

Oki Doki!


Moerse dankie to TrickBitz for our snazzy new Oki Doki Ariete goggles.

Except that they have one in PINK - they are also THE business! You can go look on for more samples & info. What impressed me is the test of the steel ball fired at 70 meters per second straight into the lenses – who was the brave man (…or woman) wearing them when they did this test??? Also… these goggles WERE tested on animals – but alas… THEY DIDN’T FIT!

Don’t we just look super saksie!?!

Seeing as money is too toit to mention & times are a few – this month we could only squeeze in a quick stop at Harties – meeting up with Nienke & Pieter… de Vleuende Hollanders!

To make it a bit more adventurous, we opted to take the dirt road… but… then again… there isn’t one!!! Closest we could get was gooi-ing it next to the tar road. Sleep-ing through the dongas, truck tyres & Coke blikkies.

We met a friend at the petrol garage…

Some peeps we found en-route… Isn’t there a saying that golf is for peeps that daren’t know how to ride bikes?

My nooi is in ‘n naartjie… okay – she’s not! She’s on a Big Boy… but its close!


We got quite thirsty waiting for the Hollanders… they tend to be a bit slow!

Ecstatically they arrived!

The man that can go fast… nowhere!

…& the woman hot on his tyre!

Pieter, hoe gaat ons na de huys – can we ask for directions this time?”

A sun-set at Upper Deck!

They have an amazing new race track at Harties. It’s almost like the Derby class. You draw a key & hope the machine you end up with, have lotsa horse power! I was leading the first few laps…

…but Nienke has built up some experience in the past year & soon we ended with a nasty on-track brawl that would make Rossi & Lorenzo look like kindergarten kids steeling each other’s cookies!

Nienke… would that be a Kawa-Sakkie?

Hopefully they found their way home…!

The plaas-paaie in the donker!

There was a haas there – PROMISE!

Stars!!! We saw (Alpine) Stars!!!


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