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(23 June 2012)

Tjirre… what we don’t do to entertain you lot?!?!

We picked the coldest weekend of the century to go & join the snowmen & women of Rosendal at their HOT STUFF festival ( Where is Rosendal?!? It’s just a little to the left of the middle of the middle of nowhere. Though some say it’s just this side of…

We were holding thumbs that the weather man would be his usual WRONG… But we woke to the rain (…in blerrie winter nogal???) pattering on our karavaan roof. If the weather didn’t kill me – Jimis sure was gonna wring my neck.

The sun almost crept back when it saw how cold it was. Not that he helped much for the rest of the day either.

Jimis showing me… umhhmm… how far we’ve travelled, nè Jimis?

The roads into Jo’ies turned slippery & just as I told Jimis to feel how bad it was… Vonk decided to have a race – WITH HIS OWN FRONT WHEEL!

My rendition of Vonk’s twist… And you put your back wheel in, you put your back wheel out & you shake it all about…

We met up with Louré & Johan at the N1 Oasis & thank the clouded heavens, we were not the only koe-koes bikers out on the road for the day.

One last smoke…

Some alcoholic fumes…

And we’re off!

…off our trolleys…

…trolleys getting’ a bit wet, nè…

Dit sal warmer word – ek belowe…

Djulle gaan waarheen??? Djulle se koppe raas!!!

At Kroonvaal, Bugs & Lola cheered us on. They looked familiar…?

We finally discovered where the saying comes from: Gaan kak in die mielies!

(Shortly after we stopped for this photo, we had a family of 18 in a Toyota Corolla pulling in behind us… I can just imagine the queue.)

Oempa – oempa – heyho, watch that ging gang ghoo…

Two heated grips – high octane please!

Last lap!

As we paddled into Rosendal, we found all the aunties playing Kinesta at the house on the corner… Not the first corner – the second one, ya, the last one!

We booked space in Inglesby with tannie Nelmarie. She has 22 pillows available & must be one of the coolest aunties around town. Told us all about her travels in her sports cars (…an MG, an Alfa Giulietta & a Triumph Thunderbird) & how she ended in the Vrystaat. Obviously going waaaay to fast!

Our house building seems to be contagious. Here is Johan’s soon to be developed Rosendal ERF (…or is that werf?)

Pregos & wine for lunch!

This was the dominees’…? I guess he interpreted drie-enig his own way!

After lunch we decided to go hide in our house as the weather looked a bit like a Shakespeare novel was about to unfold. We only found out a bit later that the wind wasn’t woes – it was a flippen tornado! We lit a fire & had our sopping gear hanging all over the place.


We booked our tickets for the event of the year – the royal ball. Dress code was vintage & we had to skud all our oupas’ & oumas’ coats out of the kaste.

The kiekie-man for the weekend – Louré

The pelsjas that had a hair loss problem…

Oom Andy Cap gave me a hug!

And then the tekwiela showed us how to Charleston.

Bella-Bolla & kie!

Liewe Heksie, twisting those derms!

Tap… tap… tap… Rocking Rosendal!

The best partytjie we’ve had in years!

The next day tannie Nella cooked us the biggest boere breakfast ever. Vars plaas broodstomend out of the oven… scones & jam… pap & smoor… eggs… wors – WAG… more wors. And real MOER koffie!!!

We took a short wandeling (…in the car may I add) around Rosendal:

Hier pomp hulle die kola straight van Merika.

And if we thought the trip there was cold… nat gloves, sopping boots, dripping pants & YS-PIEPIE cold roads back! I almost decided to stay overnight in the Freestate… till SUMMER!

Tjchick-tjcick! Let’s get home!

And the Rosendalers lived happily ever after!

Dankie Rosendal – we’ll be back… not soon though – we are still defrosting!

Thanks to Paw Print ( for sponsoring this weekend!


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