TG Newsletter: GOC RACING 1

GOC Racing 1

(13 March 2012)


Skinny on dirt! Listen... maybe not the most glamorous or stylish – but still... Skinny on dirt!!!

I entered my first Endurance race & left hoener poep vroeg to be in Warm... umm... BelaBela on time. It was as if something was brewing...?!? The mist was thick & cold. We met up with the rest of the Honda team members at a garage & left in convoy.

I think Johan was giving us a heads-up on the speeds that was yet to come on the track. We could just keep up with them.

Die bakkie het gehoes om by te bly!

The queue of crazy other bliksems!

Our pozzy was all lekker & rigged, till we spotted the boere...

Bikers vs. Boere

...kruiwa se moses!

The team pep-talk only had my butterflies flying in formation.

“As ek nog een keer sien jy jaag die vlakvarke, boetie...”

Is this how we should pout?

Bubble bubble toil & trouble... I was more hoping for some magic aka David Copperfield style, but the dirt just never changed to tar?

We started 8 bikes in a row with a 15 second gap between rows. I was in the 3rd last row; & watching as row-by-row pulled off, had my maag doing doing back-flips (...there were a total number of 303 bike starters). My blaas is ook net SO groot, hey!

The mist helped a lot with the dust (...we saw the previous race & bought all the wet wipes we could find in anticipation).

284km of the 57km lap consisted of THICK sand... Well that’s what it felt like to me, okay! It didn’t take the back two rows long to come digging past me. My mission was to complete at least one of the three laps – and not to fall (BTW – mission COMPLETED)!

I had 2 duikers (...soos in klein bokkies) crossing in front of me... jaaaaa ek was regtig banja stadig. I had a cow mooo-ing at me to pass. There was gille, skreeus & yelps most of the way. At least I entertained the farmers next to the track.

At 30kays the fast riders started catching up to me again. I could hear them dunes away! At my speed – I would just be another obstacle. And not even a big one...

The faster guys left a field of spinning loose gravel & then I would come along & leave a neat tyre print. I listened when my ouma told me the story of Hansie & Grietjie & decided to leave a track I could follow home... if need be!

Most of the track was whooped out by the faster okes, making my yells sound a bit more like a bad bout of coughing.

Jimis contending with dirt & smoke...

After lap one, my binnegoed was finished. For a first timer, I could only handle so much dirt.

The two stupendous heros; Super-Stoffel & Gravelotta

And I figured out why it’s called WHOOPS!





We had two firsters; Johan Gray & Marcel Blignaut (...eeeendag as ek groot is!)

There was 6 chickens at this race. Edwina came first in a total time of 4 hours 3 minutes & 56 secs. Hot on her tyre was Mignon (...a VERY pretty lady) & third spot went to Ketula (...when are we starting with the ZX10 cup, chicken?).

Please come check us out at the next event – just maybe you’ll witness a record being smashed... TWO FULL LAPS!!! Next event on 21 April at Losberg (...good heavens, I hope this is not an indication of what to expect?!?), Rietfontein, Pretoorsdorp.

Dankie to Honda for the use of their bike (...Skakunk) – it’s still in spiekerish condition, belowe!


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