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(28 January 2012)

Soooomeone has spent 4 decades on this rock and we decided to celebrate it on stof. There was an endurance race in Fochville; and we took Griet and Vonk on a short uitstappie.

Shortest route was heading over the Magalies, through Breedsnek. There was a mountain bike race underway and even though most of those cycles probably costs more than Vonk (...and weighs about the same too) – I got there first... just!

We stopped for a ‘water’ break and cheared on the two-leg-drives. I always thought I was a bit koekoes, but these guys are truly van looitjie getik. It was painful just watching them...

I’ve really been taking to this road-more-worn thing and specially with Vonk (...a 200 Big Boy). Whenever we hit tar and I can squeeze a max of 100 clicks out of him, I start looking for the first dirt turn-off. A 100 clicks max... SIELDODEND!!!

Daaaaaar... anner kant die blou berge!

The roads were a bit rutted and I think my kidneys can now be located near my upper calf area. The binnegoed is definitely not in the same order anymore.

Breakfast was at a straat caffie in Carletonville.

We opted for the health breakfast: Slap tjips, russian and Oros!

We got to Fochville just in time for the start. Everything was still neat and dust free. Johan heard that there was a product on the market for ladies, and if you use this product – you can swim, you can run, you can cycle... He decided to test it and struess Bob – it gave his Honda WINGS!

BTW – Johan finished first in the National Masters class! Next time we’re givin’ him Tampax...

We had another winner – Marcel took the gold in class OR3-200. Must say – I’ve never seen Marcel speechless. Guess the nerves got the better of him...

Heine picked up a flattie and had to pull out of the race. But at least I had my 5 minutes of fame and was a brollie girl for the Honda MOA(n)M team.

There were 10 chickens in the ladies class.

I saw Tony up front – one of SA’s toughest kuikens. She completed The Roof a while back as well. Sorry – daren't get a picture, too many fans.

Ketula – a carnivorous chicken, that eats tar AND dirt. Ketula was one of the top chickens in the ladies 600 class in 2010. Bilingual, sy kan vlot teer and grond praat!

Remember this face and see if you can spot the difference later on:

Op julle merke...



There was a short MX route and then out into the field. They were warned about the brick size rocks, rocks, rocks. But as I heard, Fochville must be feeding their bricks steroids.

The pit stops were fast and dirrrrty – see if you can recognize this one?

Zonica finished 5th in the ladies class. Amazing considering it was her very first race. She was shaking like a whole tree and we had to cheer her back onto the bike for lap 2.

Play is the latest sponsor for the Honda Development and MOAM teams. Seeing what it did to me aka enter the Ninja – it would explain the ‘round-house-kick’ performances of the team members. Bliksems goed gedoen!

We found a B and B in Fochville and managed to spoil the 4 star SNOW-white towels into a new design. I hope the auntie uses Omo.

One the way back the next day, we had to stop and take a kiekie at the world’s deepest mine – TauTona at Western Deep.

At some 3.9 kilometres deep (2008 measurement) it is currently home to the world's deepest mining operations. The mine was originally built with a 2 km deep main shaft sunk in 1957. The name TauTona means "great lion" in Setswana. The mine began operation in 1962. It is one of the most efficient mines in South Africa and remains in continuous operation even during periods when the price of gold is low. Since its construction two secondary shafts have been added bringing the mine to its current depth. The mine today has some 800 km (500 mi) of tunnels and employs some 5,600 miners. The mine is so deep that temperatures in the mine can rise to life threatening levels. Air conditioning equipment is used to cool the mine from 55 °C down to a more tolerable 28 °C. The rock face temperature currently reaches 60 °C. The mine is a dangerous place to work and an average of five miners die in accidents each year.

The journey to the rock face can take 1 hour from surface level. The lift cage that transports the workers from the surface to the bottom travels at 58 km/h.

What was that saying about a bike going down a mine shaft?

The new-age ‘adult’ shop in Carletonville:

We rode straight into a scene of Lawrence of Arabia; a biker that died of head injuries because he didn’t wear a helmet. Research after this accident led to the use of crash helmets by both military and civilian motorcyclists.

Last stop we bought a beer at the local shebeen. We were pootuit and dusty, but ready for the next trip. When can we fix the pap wiel on Vonk?


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