Ladies Club Race

(1 October 2011)


A Special Breed of ‘PRINCESS’ chickens!


There once was a track... not far, far away!  It was a track made of tjoklit tar and cake barriers and candyfloss kitty litter.  And on this track lived a few princesses.  They loved riding their horses and dancing till late, all dressed up in leather and (...probably) lace.


There was a big ball arranged for October and all the princesses polished their jewels...


...and re-shoed their stallions.


The princes looked on in awe as the princesses entered the magic hall and started flinging their tiaras around the dance track:


They danced the robot...


They danced the gorilla...


There was even some Pulp Fiction...


They djolled and djolled and djolled until djolling went outa fashion!


Their masks were in true princess style... beyond description:


The charming prince took every opportunity to steel a hug or a kiss...


When the final song was called, the princesses dusted off their best moves:


They started lining up, checking who would fit the glass slipper...


And when the first note hit the keyboard, they burst out in the most spectacular show seen by man...


Skinny broke loose with a flying salsa...


While some opted to start with a slow waltz...


Jenice immediately impressed with her steps and swayed right into the lead.  Her hips didn’t lie...


Skinny did a macarena up to second spot, but couldn’t keep the other chickens off her heals.  She eventually subdued into a badly attempted lang-arm and gave up 3 spots down to 5th.


Taila did a TWO-step straight past the lang-arm on lap 7...


Koebaai Skinny...  Hehehe!!!


Yolandi firstly impressed with her attire – WHAT A NICELY DRESSED BIKE!!!  She then showed us her swing that would make our parents proud...


Charlene fell into the line dance and hooked in right behind Tayla and Yolandi.


Amanda and Anna tap danced themselves into the ranks.


In the end, the glass Berik slipper belonged to the the fairest of them all – Jenice!


...and they lived happily ever after – TILL THE NEXT RACE ON 26 NOVEMBER!!!


Princesses........ join us for the next ball!  Any bike (...bigger than a 400cc), any style, any speed (...not faster than 02:15 lap times on RSR though).  Contact me for the regulations and the entry fee.  It’s a ball...  NO REALLY – it is!!!!!!!!!!!


Pssst... net gou dankie seg aan die kiekie-nemers: Judith Kerr and Grant Shearer!





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