TG Newsletter: BREEDT'S NECK

Breedt's Neck And Pit-Stop-Diner

(23/31 July 2011)

Griet is putting on more and more weight from just grazing in da garage! His tyres are phatter and even his headlight is looking a little chubbier. So we had to just gooi him on a tar treadmill as I don’t smaak obese bikes.

Our day was already stamp vol and I had to twist Justin’ arm in a vice-grip to go for a short ride. We headed to Edenvale, had our passports stamped and even crossed through some eastern territory called Kempton.

On the way to the PTA fountains we got lost… Sjoe – we went past some moederlike groot satellite deeshes… and even bigger exhaust free-flow systems. I think I saw Bruce Beyers!?!

We finally found the bread crumbs and made our way back to Jo’burg… Allamapstieks – forget about the Karoo! Just take a drive through Petoorsdorp. Educational!!!

We stopped at the Pit-Stop-Diner on Beyers Naude on the way home. There was no way we would miss a bite of the best chicken schwarma in Effrika!

We slukked a beer or two:

Charlie forgot his bike there. Probably when he took the bus home the last time?!?

The food went down well…

The drinks followed the road LESS trodden…


I also came up with a very ‘dim’ bright idea this morn… It’s called BREEDT'S NEK!

We stopped at Magalies on the way to have what could have been our last breakfast… Wimpy!

This is where things started to get dirty…

We had to stop every 50m as Justin had to remind me how to breathe. My poepol was too toit – the air could only escape one way!

I think with age comes some form of wisdom, as my biggest fear was dropping the bike… I’ve just spend so much on bling – Griet could not afford roasties!

I knew UP would be okay-ish… It was the free-sliding on the other side that scared the be-boude off of me!

Breath… breath… breath…

I made it to the top, to the amusement of some cyclists…

But almost decided on catching a lift down…

It got hairy… and then the hair grew blood thirsty teeth! But I made it… I just wish the shakin’ will stop now!

We decided to stop at my parents’ farm for a quick cuppa and my Oumie’s lemoen koek – notin’ better than a lot of stroop to calm me down!

On the way back down the mjountain, Justin trapped something that looked like a black mamba… Came to a quick halt and it turned out to be a bit deadlier – called a Buell’s BELT. It snapped…

Tattertjie to the rescue and soon we had the skaap trailer and ramp:

The manne loaded the trackt… Buell, and took her back to the farm. We headed back home, two-up on Griet.

I never thought I’d make Breedts nek – NOOIT! So tonight… I sleep with da beeeeeg smile! I have to say thank you to Justin for havin’ the world’s patience with all my eaaaaking… yeeeeeaaking… and I’M LOSING it’s… Promise – I’ll buy you hearing-aid one day.

***My corner at the office is still warm from the last e-mail where I hid waiting for all the UN-subscribes. But I got more peeps asking to be added than peeps leaving… Though, the corner is still hot and my feet is freezing, so excuse me if I go back there again.

Looi hom innie rooi!


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