Cape   Town - J'burg.

On a 70cc...

The Asininity

The   Assininnies

The Puzey XP Thumpa 70    Bike


  • Type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke

  • Displacement: 70cc

  • Fuel Consumption: Not tested

  • Max Power kW/RPM: 4@7,500RPM

  • Max Torque NM/RPM: 5.0@4,500RPM

  • Max Speed: 50km/h

  • Transmission: 4-Speed

  • Clutch Type:S emi-automatic

  • Final Transmission: Chain

  • Starting System: Electric and kick start


  • Brakes: Front and rear drum brakes

  • Tyre Size: Front and rear 10"

  • Suspension: Front: upright forks, Rear: spring shock

  • Handlebar Setup: MX Style


  • Length (L x W x H): 1,330 x 680 x 840mm

  • Seat Height: 550mm

  • Wheelbase: 910mm

  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 310mm

  • Dry Weight: 54kg

  • Tank Capacity: 3 litres


  • Max Rider Weight: 75kg

  • Age Requirement: All ages

  • Rider Level: All levels

  • Application: Recreational

  • Warranty Period: Offroad 90-day carry-in warranty against manufacturer defects

  • Run-in Service: 2 tanks of gas/1 month from date of purchase

  • Service Intervals: Every 6-8 tanks of gas/6 months

Our Awesome Sponsors

The Asinine Story

Two chickens take on an epic trip, with miniature proportions.


In South Africa, a lot of people believe that if you don’t own the biggest, most expensive adventure motorcycle with all the faster-making goodies… you are not really an adventurer.

This is where the idea popped up to take the smallest bikes we could find and do a mini-adventure with humungous amounts of fun.


Skinny and Chikita will be taking two 70cc Puzey Thumpa bikes (seat height is only 55cm; they only weigh 54kg; and top speed is 60km/h), and ride them from Cape Town to Johannesburg.  A planned trip of 1850km.

We will visit some SA landmarks, ride a pass or two, wild camp, try and get a lap around Phakisa, sleep in a jail, and in the process do all the things that only true adventure bikers do.

Follow our adventure on social media, meet us along the way, cheer us on – any support (mostly those in liquid form) will be welcome. 


BE BRAVE!  BE STUPID!  Nobody can tell the difference…


Skinny & Chikita

Support: Nienke & Hans

Synonyms for    Asininity

Averation, Alienation, Absurdity, Brainlessness, Cloddishness, Daftness, Dementia, Derangement, Distraction, Doltishness, Fatuity, Fatuousness, Folly, Foolery, Half-wittedness, Foolishness, Foolhardiness, Foppery, Goofiness, Gormelessness, Idiocy, Imbalance, Imbecility, Inanity, Ineptitude, Insanity, Lunacy, Mania, Moronism, Moronity, Oafishness, Obstinacy, Psychopahty, Psychosis, Senselessness, Silliness, Stupidness, Thickheadedness, Thick-wittedness, Unwiseness.

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The   Provisional   Route

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